Polar Bears:Endangered Species ReportNicholas HooverPolar bears are more threatened than endangered.

Several countries have agreed on prohibiting their hunting and an international agreement has been made for their conservation. They’re vulnerable because of many reasons, they’re being hunted in sporting activities and for fur etc. Their numbers don’t go up as they reproduce very slowly. Another problem is that they hunt their food in different areas, they move all around the place they’re said to be “free ranging”, this makes them more vulnerable to hunters. Climate change, melting of the polar icecaps and pollution isn’t helping them as well, driving toxins into their food resources, this affects the females and their cubs become undernourished. They are extremely adapted to their environment and the slightest change will reduce their numbers making them endangered.

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Preserving the Polar Bear Species:We could relocate the bears and perhaps they would flourish for a while, and the reason they would flourish is because the penguins and the seals that live in the southern hemisphere have not evolved to evade an ice surface predator, polar bears catch their prey by walking around on the surface of the sea ice.Elaborating more on the prospect of restricting hunting, managing intentional kills from hunting and unintentional kills when bears get into trouble with people appear to be the most important actions we can take. It is important to remember that wild animals, if they have a stable healthy habitat, are a renewable resource and they can be managed sustainably.We could supply the Polar Bears with food but in the long run it couldn’t save polar bears. We couldn’t possibly feed all the world’s polar bears. The cost of it, the greenhouse gas footprint in doing it, would be astronomical. Even the cost of feeding the bears located within the zoos is a burden, because of the high food costs and large amount of food they require to stay healthy.

Feeding wild bears could help them possibly for a few years but in the long run it wouldn’t work, ultimately costing to much.