Early Hindu Period:During this period, much importance or value was being provided to various kinds of dramas and festivals. Physical training was considered an important part of’ life. Hunting was a sport which was being practised by people with royal background. Kings and common men used to play dicing and chess. Later Hindu Period:During this period, much importance was provided to systematic teaching and this thinking inspired some scholars or experts to establish universities of Taxila and Nalanda.

At these centres of training, a kind of correlation was found between physical, intellectual and aesthetic training of individuals. Special important was being given to some events like wrestling, archery and mountain climbing. Medieval Period:During this period, importance of systematic education was considered and now for this purpose, certain organizations were being established, which were termed as ‘Gurukulas’. Military training was provided much importance during this period. Importance of a systematic training or education was being recognized in this period because of which people were encouraged to set-up more and more gymnasiums. There was a kind of Gymnasium Movement in the country which was headed by Shree Samarth Ramadas Swamee.

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Pre-Independence Period:During this period, India had lost its independence. Now it had been tied by the clutches of Britishers. During this period, Britishers tried to use this country and people of the country for their own advantage and because of this; they did not pay much attention on the needs and requirements of people. During this period, physical education got deteriorated to an unexpected level. In the grip of Britishers, India lost everything it earlier possessed.

Indian society got affected in all the respects by the influence of Britishers. Even the culture of India got affected by Western civilization. As Britishers ruled over our country for more than 200 years, they influenced or changed various conditions of our country to a lot of extent. Military training lost its importance during British reign.

Various acts pertaining to arms were being passed by Britishers. Various skills or events which were earlier used in wars were banned by various acts. Britishers brought various kinds of new sports events with them. Cricket and athletic were some of the few events which they introduced in our country. In the various educational organisations, German system of Gymnastics was used. To encourage Indian students towards activities brought by Britishers, various special kinds of drills were introduced in the school curriculum.

Outdoors game became more popular during this period. However, the efforts of government to promote physical activities were insufficient and meager and for this purpose various private or voluntary organisations came into existence while encouraged people to a lot of extent to take part in various kinds of physical activities. It was with the origin of Y.

M.C.A. in India that organised physical education came into existence. This was a turning point in the area of physical education in our country, which happened in the year 1920. Now professionally qualified teachers were appointed to train the students.

Various games which have an American origin were being organised in India also. Various other institutions came into existence which used to provide knowledge relating to various physical activities. By getting education from these institutions, one could get the certificate and even degree.