Our past is painful to hear of, dreadful to think of, and amazing of how stupid we looked.

We were animals back then and not like a cheetah gliding beautifully at an amazing fast speed, but like the lion, with the beating heart of kill, and then raise more cubs who want to kill. We learned about our histories past in school, and they taught us how bad it is. The civil war, the depression and the times when the white men and women resigned because of dreadful segregation laws; and that is what I am here to talk about. A book I read called All American Boys, is about a black boy and a white boy. The black boy named Rashad is an artist, who couldn’t be any more of a chill guy; and his part is written by Jason Reynolds. The white kid named Quinn is a basketball player who drinks whisky with his pals on Fridays and then goes to parties and drinks more; and his part is written by Brendan Kiely.

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This book, All American Boys, which I think is phenomenally done by both Brendan Kiely and Jason Reynolds, has been resigned from some schools due to the content that it contains and other various reasons. I can agree with them that the book contains heavy parts and isn’t really age appropriate for sixth graders. Though other than feeling like that it is not appropriate for people in sixth grade, I feel totally different about whether it should be allowed in school libraries. In gives a meaningful realism lesson of what two different colored skin people can feel emotionally and describes vividly what police brutality can be like.All American Boys is about Rashad a black kid who is accused of something because of his skin, and Quinn who is a white kid, who makes pretty bad decisions that only white kids canreally get away without looking bad. Both these kids are close to each other but have never met each other. Rashad has a friend named English who is on their schools basketball team and Quinn himself is on the school basketball team. Rashad, who is a ROTC kid is a tightly kept human being and is nothing close Quinn.

But as a kid, it is hard to not have the feeling of getting away, especially when your father is a former