Our class was once asked to write a small poem on whatever they wanted in  an English class in fifth grade.

Some wrote about their love of soccer and others wrote about nature and it’s beauty. These answers would be resonable for a fifth grader. However my poem was different. The first line in my poem was “I am Math”. Since I was a small boy, I wholeheartedly believed that creativity lies in a subject everyone despised in school, mathematics. This subject is a foundation of almost all subjects including physics, biology and so on.One reason this subject interests me is because it is an art itself.

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It’s an art that makes you think and search for answer for it always begins with a riddle. From the first day a person starts learning math, the question is always an exciting riddle which means it’s not always about knowledge, it’s about enjoying the thinking. Thinking of pi, e, and the imaginary unit and connecting them with all the equations we took since we were in elementry school makes you realize the beauty of math. It also makes you realize how such a small symbol changes our lives. Who would’ve thought that the mathematical constant(pi), which is used to compute areas of circles and other crucial life questions, is part of everyday work in characterizing and searching for planets outside our solar system, called exoplanets.

Looking through the past we can see that each generation is more developed from the past in all areas. Yet, all of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for math.  Without it, there would be no science – in fact, there would be no literature either, since Mesopotamian cuneiform, the earliest writing system, was a byproduct of an earlier system of numerals. Math is also one of the important  skills we use in daily life. It helps students learn to perform basic calculations such as counting money, telling time,  and basic addition and subtraction equations which are used in normal life circumstances. We once studied about limits in high school but there was a thing that always inspires me to achieve my goals and destroy any wall not allowing me to continue.

The idea is that a limit doesn’t exist for a certain function or sequence when it approaches some value. I always connect this value with were a person thinks he can’t continue in life or that he is facing a problem that won’t let him continue. Even though the limit of a certain function doesn’t exist it may continue and move beyond that limit. This teaches me the importance of never letting anything in life stand in the path of reaching my goals.Many think that mathematics is purely arithmetic and dull, but once you delve yourself into the world of math, you will soon discover that you can’t live without it and that it leads to creativity and gives you the power to never stop and never back down.