most people seek to be healthy to not suffer from chronic diseases, such as
diabetes and high cholesterol. Is body health limited to healthy eating? And is
healthy food limited with your experience on how to cook? According to the Medical
Dictionary, healthy food is “any food believed to be good for you, especially if high in fiber, natural vitamins,
fructose.”1 Some people think that courses on how to cook healthy food
be required for all university students to take care of their health, however,
in my opinion, university courses are not the only way to learn how to cook
healthy food to become healthy.Some
people think that when students take courses about how to cook healthy food,
they will be in a good health. Because healthy eating is one of the reasons for
getting good health, some university want to give cooking courses to teach the
students the good way to cook the healthy food. However, in my opinion, cooking
courses are not the only way to know how to cook healthy food. Students can
learn how to cook healthy food from outside university. In these days Internet
is the primary reference for most needs. The healthy food can be learned from YouTube,
for example, which is one of the common ways to learn whatever we need to
learn. YouTube provides us to choose our favorite food and shows us its
ingredients at the time that we want to cook. I prefer to use YouTube because
it is easy to access to the desired cooking and because it does not need to
save or remember the ingredients.Students
who live on their own prefer taking cooking courses in the university. But I
think cooking courses waste time, which is important for each
student. So, cooking courses are not important courses even if students live
alone. Students do not have much time to lose it in extra courses. Consequently,
students can buy the healthy food from outside, such as from some food
companies, which can save their time in taking courses or in cooking. Diet Center,
for example, is one of the food company that provides healthy food.Some
universities think that courses on how to cook healthy food make students
eating healthy food. But, in my opinion, learning how to cook healthy food is not enough to make students healthy. Sometimes some
students do not make attention about those courses and do not eat what they
have learned. Even if others make attention about what they have learned, that
is not enough to be healthy. Because without exercises and walking, your body
may suffer from some diseases even if you know how to cook healthy food.

             In conclusion, eating healthy food
makes us healthier and saves us from some diseases. Some people think that the
courses on how to cook healthy food are important for all students to become
very healthy. However, in my opinion, the cooking courses are not the
only right way to be healthy and it just wasted students’ time. YouTube videos
or diet companies are the other good ways to eat healthy food, which make our
body healthier and protect us from diseases. Moreover, exercises and walking
also protect us from diseases.    

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