Now a day’s mobile phonesare a big component within the lives of most people around the world.

Tasks suchas making calls, texting, taking snap shots and even browsing the internet hasconsumed our lives because it has been made so readily available. The result ofthis is that cellphones are being given to kids as young as 4 so that they cancommunicate to people and use the phones as they want. With the advancement of thistechnology comes the higher risk of people using it in inappropriate ways andtime because they are getting more addicted. For example, since the world hasbecome so addicted to this technology people have started to use it when they shouldn’tbe causing a very dangerous situation such as when they use it while driving especiallytexting while driving. According to statistics the number of lives lost orinjured from people being on their phones while driving is steadily increasingwith time. The action being taken by many countries around the world is theyare starting to ban the use of cell phones while driving. This is meant todeter people from doing so but according to statistics this is simply notenough and more has to be done in order to stop these accidents from happening.

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            One of the most important reasons that make texting whiledriving so highly dangerous is because it reduces the driver’s reaction time sosignificantly. Even though both uses of a phone while driving is dangerous,texting is more dangerous than anything because it requires so much moreattention from your eyes which means the road loses the attention and your caris driving itself. Furthermore, research has shown that folks who text at thesame time as they drive generally tend to accelerate more slowly after steppingon their brakes. This can cause possible accidents because of the irregularmovement of the cars. Also for one last example of why texting is much moredangerous than anything else is that it puts pedestrians in more danger toobecause the driver is more focused on their phone than they are the road.

            A large number of injuries whether they are minor or not,usually arise with just a blink of an eye. Which means that only a moment ofdistraction is enough time for a severe street accident. Given the numerousconcerns it would be best if drivers were not only banned from texting but evenbanned from using their phones at all while driving unless it is completelyhands and eyes free which would make it have to be voice activated, this needsto happen everywhere around the world and it needs to be strictly enforced inorder for it to help at all.