Norm can be referred as behaviourof social expectation and it can be a type of principles, rules, guidelines andcustoms to regulate behaviour or mind of society or particular group of people. It differs dramatically in the society,from one to another.

Norms can be standards of behaviour in the society such ascodes, laws or mores. These are considered more formal and even enforced by anofficial agency. Violating it may have serious consequences. Norms can befolkways and customs as well. These are the standard of behaviour that people followevery day and they have been doing for a long time. It is considered lessimportant but still people are influenced by it. Considering that norms differ in different cultures, it isundeniable that each country will has their own unique norms.

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There will be somegood evidence for cultural variation comes from studies of sociologists. Togive an instance, studies of table etiquette from different countries show someinteresting view relating to norms. In Western cultures, holding bowl whileeating is considered as a rude manner whereas Japanese cultures is totally finewith holding or lifting up the bowl while having a meal. Moreover, in Western cultures,slurping the noodle while eating is an awkward behaviour.

But in contrast, itis totally fine if you slurp the noodle. In fact, it shows a table manner that theyare enjoying the food.As another example, other evidence comes from the studies oftipping cultures. In some Europe countries such as United States and UnitedKingdom, tipping service is no longer a rare case. People tip as the legalwages for waiters or waitress are much lower than usual, it also encourages themto provide better service.

Typically, people will tip in restaurant, cabservice, special request from concierge and so on. On the other hand, in mostof Asian countries, They do not require tipping service as the tip is usuallyincluded in the bill as service charges. In fact, tipping service is consideredas impolite manner especially in Japan.