No matter what angle looked at, 2017 was definitely a year filled with some of the most interesting yet controversial issues seen in a long while.

 A Lot of hidden secrets and issues were brought to light and standing atop of it all was women’s unity. Feminism saw its peak in 2017 when the year began with women across the world uniting together to support each other in sisterhood all the way to the end of the year with women joining together for the #metoo campaign. I believe the events that occured throughout year earns Feminism to be named word of the year because of the numerous significant events that occured this year making it almost a household topic.     Feminism is defined as “the theory and advocacy of political, economic and social equality of the sexes” but over the years feminism has been seen extending its branches in support of other groups and policies and is not solely focused on improving the rights pertaining to women alone.(Merriam Webster) The topic and practice of feminism since it emergence in 1837 has always been a hot topic throughout society because most people view and relate to it as a very radical belief that is always against men and that its main goal is to destroy the patriarchy created by society but contrary to this belief feminism is not an “anti men” but an advocacy group for anyone whose rights are infringed.  This was seen in the beginning of  last year with what was said to be one of the largest demonstrative process in a day in the history of the United States when countless amounts of women in almost 1,000 separate marches  across the world joined in solidarity to advocate policies regarding human rights and other issues including women’s rights, immigration and healthcare reforms and racial equality. The protest, acting almost as a counter inauguration of Trump, crushed the expectations of many not only in the United States but also across the globe. The movement managed to unify and provide hope for polarized America during one of the most devastating time for most America.

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It also managed to strengthen and encourage more women and generally individuals to stand up and fight for their rights.      Another victory for feminists in 2017 was in politics with quite a number of influential women politicians getting into office and making history. Vi Lyles became the first black female mayor of Charlotte-North Carolina, Elizabeth Warren stood up for herself against Mitch McConnell’s insults and even legislations made history such as Nevada being the 36th state to ratify the Equal rights Amendment guaranteeing equal treatment  no matter one’s gender.  In addition the year ended and 2018 began with the momentous yet controversial #metoo campaign. The campaign originated in part to bring awareness to the sexual misconduct going on in hollywood and to start a conversation regarding the situation. Both men and women came forward sharing their stories and furthermore a couple weeks ago decided to stand in solidarity and the golden globes by most of the women wearing black dresses and some men joined in too.

     Nevertheless even though women solidarity was a big part of 2017, the word complicit could also be used to describe the atmosphere of 2017 with many officials being found guilty and being tried for corruption and such it mainly focuses on the negative of being involved in illegal or questionable acts when 2017 was not mostly negative because there were some victories in 2017. Therefore, in conclusion feminism is the best word to describe 2017 because it fully encapsulates the events of 2017 and still manages to balance the positives and the negatives.