Nelson Mandela’s responsibility involved tackling problem in thereal world, including transforming the lives of ordinary people and a making adifference by working hard to move people with a visions dreams and words ofaspiration.

In addition to this, Mandela leadership style involved usingpassionate and powerful speech to empower people without using violencestrategies as a responsible and respectable leaderTransformation leadership is a leadership stylewhere a leader works with other assistance to figure out on how to effectchange, designing a vision to guide the change through inspiration, andexecuting the change in group with associated members of a group. (StephenHacker and Roberts 2003). Mandela was not an eloquent speaker but He used his words full ofconfidence and the ability to articulate the moral views in a way to bring asolution to the society.

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A good leader will be able to demonstrate qualities in meetings bysometimes keeping quiet whilst listening to others argue. And once the leaderhas heard important statements and ideas from different perceptive, he wouldnow bring his own conclusion and making decision together with those around Himand has represented the values on leadership style. Additionally there are fivepersonality traits which shows that and individuals is likely to become a transformationleader such as openness to experience, extroversion, neuroticism, conscientiousnessand agreeableness.  According to H Hassan, ?2016, leaders who scoreshigh on the five personality traits have chance to become a transformationleaders however, Homer H Johnson, (2012) argued that it is impractical to be aleader without values, however Mandela had values like compassion and empathy,respect for others regardless of their differences, encouraging the team workand sharing knowledge and wisdom which made Him a strong leader. Good leadership such as transformation leaders is needed all over the worldwith the highly earned authority and respect.

Leaders like Nelson Mandela managedto positively influence other people to achieve good goals and to set the worlda better place.