The important thing is organisation and articulation of support, and where politics is mass-based; the point is to articulate support through the organisations in which the masses are to be found.

It follows that where the caste structure provides one of the principal organisational clusters along which the bulk of the population is found to live, politics must strive to organise through such a structure. “Political parties and leaders use caste to secure their objectives in the process. Caste determines the nature, organisation and working of political parties, and interest groups, legislatures and bureaucracies and in fact all political structures and their functions.

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” The study of Indian social system and its influence on the Indian political system essentially involves a study of the role of caste in Indian politics. Caste voting, caste-based candidatures, caste-oriented decision-making (vote-bank oriented decision-making), caste riots, caste conflicts and the issue of Reservations versus Anti-Reservations are all factors of the Indian political system.