My short-term goal is to
become a Data Scientist by combining my prior experience with a foundation in Data
Science. In the long-term, I hope to start my own Analytics firm to harness the
power of data to help organizations make better decisions by incorporating
analytics and user behaviour.  


At Amazon, I designed an
automation tool in Python that processed up to 50k rows of data per second. My
endeavor resulted in a reduction of the turnaround time of the entire process
by over 40%, allowing us to share larger amounts of data effortlessly. The
project helped me realize the tremendous impact that simple solutions can have
in large organizations. In my current role in a Marketing Consulting start-up,
I gather data to gain customer insights and optimize campaigns based on
key-metrics to drive high-quality traffic to websites using Google Adwords and
Analytics. Having worked in various sectors in different geographies, I have
come to realize that the transformation of data will continue to evolve in
today’s dynamically changing environment, and that the demand for analytical expertise is only
going to grow in the coming years.

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The School’s core values
place a high importance to integrity, honesty, being fearless and taking risks
– values that deeply resonate with my own. The skills inculcated through the MSBA
program, combined with the school’s partnerships with leading multinational
corporations such as Deloitte, KPMG, etc. would provide me with empirical
skills through real-world examples, and help me gain an upper hand in
analytics. The course ‘Decision Analytics’ will help me imbibe the principles
of optimization and simulation, to make well-informed decisions using statistical
tools. I
hope to bring professional diversity, valuable life stories, and multi-cultural
experiences to make a productive contribution to the Smith program community.