Most people have their own perception of globalwarming.

What is clear is that most have a very vague idea of what globalwarming is, only thinking along the line of rising temperature, ozone layer andperhaps about deforestation.  But what isactually Global Warming?Global warming can be defined as a continuousincrease in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere as a whole, generallyassociated with greenhouse effect cause by increased levels of carbon dioxideand other contaminants. Global warming also referred to climate change,concerning the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate system. Climatechange is changes in Earth’s temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure andclouds. As a global citizen, it is important for all ofus to obtain awareness about global warming so that it is taken seriously. Theknowledge we gained can then be used in helping to lessen the effects of globalwarming. In this essay I will talk through some of thethings that we and the global community can do to help reduce global warming. Iwill also bring forth three effective measures in controlling the situation.

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                                        Body ParagraphsAccording to Boh (2017), the global increase in temperature has been muchlower, at 0.12 deg C per decade over the same period.In fact, the annual mean temperature here last yearwas 28.4 deg C, close to 1 deg C above the 1981 to 2010 average – making 2016the hottest year on record.( stated on BBC (2017), Thegreenhouse effect refers to the way the Earth’s atmosphere traps some of theenergy from the Sun.

Solar energy radiating back out to space from the Earth’ssurface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases and re-emitted in alldirections.The energy that radiates back down to the planet heatsboth the lower atmosphere and the surface. Without this effect, the Earth wouldbe about 30C colder, making our planet hostile to life. (      According to NASA website, (

php), global warming is usually rapid increase inEarth’s average surface temparature over the past century primarily due to thesurface temperature rose 0.6 to 0.9 Celcius (1.1 to 1.6 F) between the last 50years. Temperature are certain to go up furture.And according to the GlobalGreenhouse website, (http://www. warming is caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect. An increase in theconcentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to an increase in the amount of infrared orthermal radiation near the surface. Most scientists agree that the enhancedgreenhouse effect is leading to rising temperatures, referred to as globalwarming, and other changes in the atmospheric environment, known as climatechange (a term that in common usage also includes natural changes)Effects on Global WarmingGlobal warming and climate change refer to an increasein average global temperatures. Natural events and human activities arebelieved to be contributing to an increase in average global temperatures. Thisis caused primarily by increases in “greenhouse” gases such as Carbon Dioxide(CO2). (http://www.  Today, there is widespread concern that the ozone layer is deterioratingdue to the release of pollution containing the chemicals chlorine and bromine.Such deterioration allows large amounts of ultraviolet B rays to reach Earth,which can cause skin cancer and cataracts in humans and harm animals as well.(https://www. A study by the World Bank warned that globalwarming could elevate levels of disease, ravage crops and push 100 million morepeople into poverty. It added that a worse-casescenario of a 4 deg C rise in temperatures could particularly affect China.Some 145 million people live in Chinese cities and coastal areas that wouldeventually become part of the ocean if temperatures climb that much.

Four ofthe 10 most affected megacities – Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Taizhou -would be underwateMeasures of Global WarmingHereare three measures that we can take to control Global warming. They are namelyReduce, Reuse, Recycle (3RS), Deforeststation, Government Policy. ReduceReuse Recycle Over the last forty-five years, Singapore has gone through a period ofrapid industrialization and urbanization, coupled with high economic growth.This development has led to a six-fold increase in disposal waste fromthe 1970s; from 1,200 tonnes per day in the seventies to 7,202 tonnes per dayby 2009. (Lian Yong & Savage, 2014) (

1142/9789814546829_0020) Reduce : We could rent, borrow items that are used infrequentlyinstead of buying them. Stop buying stuff that we do not need. Stop throwingaway things that are old, but still usable. Donate them instead of throwing itbecause other people might still use it.  Reuse : We should use reusableproducts instead of disposable, For example buy products with minimalpackaging. This reduce costs and waste.

Using reusable products that could lastlonger than disposable products will help you to stop wasting and keep throwingaway after using it only once. We should start using disposable with reusableproducts. We could rent, borrow items that are used infrequently instead ofbuying them. Recycle : According to Huffstetler (2017), Recyclingaluminum cans and scrap metal can bring in a fair amount of money in largevolumes.

So instead of throwing away cans, metals, we could recycle it. Itbrings benefit to the world and also save some pocket money. (  Reduce DeforeststationBased on Bradford (2015), Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests inorder to make the land available for other uses. An estimated 18 million acres(7.

3 million hectares) of forest, which is roughly the size of the country ofPanama, are lost each year, according to the United Nations’ Food andAgriculture Organization (FAO). (  We should reducedeforestation becauseAs stated on, (https://www.  Deforestation can have a negative impact onthe environment. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions ofspecies. Eighty percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive thedeforestation that destroys their homes.

Conclusion : by following finland’s regulationsit is hoped that we can control global warming to a certain degree.