Preferred qualification and Age distribution with years of experience The minimum qualification required for all the posts are graduates in pharmacy or science.

But exception to this is the post of management trainee where sometimes diploma in phar­macy may also be considered. Table No. 6.1: Preferred Qualification and Age Distribution with Years of Experience: DesignationPreferred qualificationAge groupYears of experienceMarketing managerDegree/diploma in marketing40- above18 +Zonal managerDegree/ diploma in marketing35-4012-15 +Regional managerDegree/ diploma in marketing28-355 +District managerDegree/ diploma in marketing25-282 +Marketing executiveDegree/ diploma in marketing21-251Management traineeDegree/ diploma in marketing/B.Pharm/B.Sc./D.Pharm22-250 +It has been noticed from Table No.

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6.1 details regarding preferred qualification and age group with experience in years of Pharmaceutical Companies. However Pharmaceutical Companies has changed the terminology of medical representative to management trainee furthermore on confirmation termed as marketing executive with job profile same as medi­cal representative. The distinct advantage of is that to avoid un-necessary union pressure and get total exemption from the two acts of labor law (MRTU-Maharashtra Registered Trade Union Act and PULP- Prevention of Unfair Labor Practices Act). For the post of Management trainee Cipla prefers to take pharmacy graduate or science graduate.

Also for the post of district manager requires 1 to two years experience. The higher cadre of man­agement hierarchy requires in addition management qualification as well as the increasing experience as described in above table. It is found from the survey that the standard selec­tion criteria of Pharmaceutical Companies, is as per the market needs and is another reason for strong field force.

Pharmaceutical Companies, has continued its policy of providing continuous classroom and field training to maintain the competitive edge of its personnel, especially those in the marketing areas. The management policy is to nurture the right environment to maximize team effort while enhancing individual growth potential.