Microsoft NAV and Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics NAV Consulting,
business intelligence services

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Any business, irrespective of the scale, captures business
data on a daily basis. Capturing and storing the data in an easily retrievable format
is crucial for making business decisions. Many legacy applications that have
surpassed the time barrier do not have an inherent information capturing system
in place. Owing to this, organizations face a simmering crisis. Complete ERP (Enterprise
Resource Planning) solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you find a
solution to this crisis.

Are you Prepared?

Do you have an application that captures, analyzes
and stores business intelligence (BI) in an inherent way?

If not, how to deploy an application that is
a whole solution throughout your organization?

If you feel you require a customized business intelligence
solution that can be deployed and used by every department in your
organization, it is time for a productive change.

Business Intelligence Services

BI services enable you to capture, organize and retrieve data
in a seamless manner. This process should be introduced and embedded in a user-friendly
way so that the employees use it on a daily basis.

It is best to deploy an ERP application that has business
intelligence capturing as part of its features. Microsoft NAV is such an

Analyze actual amounts and budget amounts

You can view budgets for various accounts or a specific budget
through filtering. Comparison with general ledger budget and analysis of an
account’s budget for various time periods is possible with this feature.

Create and setup account schedules

This feature can be used to create customized account
schedules that help you in processing data that is specific to a particular set
of accounts or just one account. Many account schedules can be created and
further comparison and analysis amongst the schedules are also possible.

You can also Set Up and Publish KPI Web Services Based on
Account Schedules.

Analyze data by dimensions

Any data will have many dimensions associated with it. The dimensions
act as a kind of marker that enables further analysis and understanding of a
set of data. You can analyze data in two-dimensions or more than that, and
publish your analysis for later retrieval.

Create Analysis Views and Reports

Various customized reports can be created based on the
posted transactions. These reports can further be made available to specific
users. You can customize how a user will view the report.

Create Reports with XBRL

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XMl-based language for easy processing and
sharing data. Financial data is made flexible using this language. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps organizations implement data
in XBRL format with much less hassle.


Be it a simple report or a complex 5-year analysis, the business data in an easily retrievable format
will play a major role in strategic, tactical and operational decision making.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV with BI features can help you with this. You can have
access to real-time, business-critical data. Dynamics NAV consists of features
that make reporting and further analysis a piece of cake. This feature, in particular, makes data retrieval a hassle-free process.


Dynamics NAV Consulting

There are various companies that provide a dynamics NAV
solutions out there. Whereas very few specialize in productively customizing
and using the BI features of NAV.

Now, why is customizing the BI features important? Because it
increases usability. Every department has a different method of reporting and analysis.
Therefore, an ERP solution with inherent BI features should aid them in
simplifying business intelligence processes. This is achievable when a right
partner is hired to customize and deploy the Dynamics NAV solution.

Paragyte offers unique Business Intelligence services in
Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The existing Dynamics NAV experts help you find a
solution that best fits your organization. Specialization in implementing and
deploying EPR solutions in an organizational level,
added to the big data experts who understand data and the need for proper
analysis and retrieval, makes Paragyte a worthy partner when it comes to BI.