Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein conveys many ethical issues, just like stem cells do how for are you willing to go to be better? Stem cells are very controversial because they come from baby embryos.

Would you be willing to receive stem cell treatment if it was to greatly improve your quality of life? How about if you could do it for something minor would you still do it?The use of stem cells are very important they can be used to treat horrible diseases such as Alzheimer’s. For example, with Alzheimer’s many people die from it since the disease makes the person age backward. After the treatment, the effects of the disease would stop so there could be as many as eighty-three thousand people a year would live.

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How would you react if someone in your family was going to die of something that could be treated?Stem cells are the right treatment for Parkinson’s disease because the other methods on the market now are short-lived. One possible treatment is deep brain stimulation which involves attacking a pacemaker to your brain and giving electrical shocks to combat the effects of the disease all this does is take care of the symptoms it does not truly stop it from happening. Another possible treatment is drug therapy this treatment can be very hit or miss due to the fact that your body grows a tolerance to the medicine reducing its effects while this happens the dosage of the medication could be increased but with that comes more side effects at that point you have to debate what is worse the disease or the side effects from the treatment. On the contrary, if stem cell treatment would be legal than the disease would be stopped by the stem cells replacing the dopamine that is affected. The cost of medication treatment is four hundred and seventy-five dollars at the cheapest, so not only would stem cells treat the disease better it would be a cheaper and more cost-effective option.

With deep brain stimulation it can cost anywhere from fifty thousand up and at the max, it lasts ten years, and it can only be done once unlike stem cells where it would cost one hundred thousand but it would last a lifetime.Some people are against stem cells saying that they have a god complex that they could choose who lives or dies. Like in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley the monster said: “God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image; but my form is a filthy type of yours, more horrid even from the very resemblance.” (chapter 15).