Maori values arevery important in New Zealand business. Maori people have a different viewtowards environment where their world revolves around the water, land and airwhich are one of the most important aspects of the life. The campaign is basedon the “kaitiakitanga” which basically means there should someone protectingthe nature and connecting people to the resources of the nature. The campaign”Do the earth a favour, be a power saver” does not only talks about the savingselectricity but focus more on the earth mother earth. It asks to do a favour ofsaving our planet.

 (haka maori values , 2012) For which thecampaign promotes its existing products in which it promotes adaptingelectronic bikes and cars which will reduce the carbon emission and control thepollution to secure the future of our children. Kaitiakitanaga also refers tothe services what the company gives and its feels proud at mercury where thebest quality services are given. Even the generation of the power is conductedin such a manner where there is no effect to the environment. (mercury annual report, 2017) mercury is also aproud member of EV100. Mercury does not do this kaitiakitanga because there isno choice, but they feel it is duty of the company towards the nature.

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Thecompany also work with the Iwi’s and the local community and does help themfinancially and is always ahead in the campaigns. Mercury has a active waterpolicy as it generates 80% of the water through rivers and lake, it also takeactive contribution with the government and local community regarding the freshwatermanagement. So Is very important to protect them.

It had also conducted asurvey to understand the lake shore affects. It is also an active member ofWaikato catchment ecological enhancement trust. Where mercury contributesaround $400k every year to support WCEET all these activities also linksmercury to manaakitanga which says caring and giving. (mercury annual report, 2017).

While doing thesemercury does see that it does not hurts sentiment of the people by any means.