linguistics and researchers. Teachers can use their own guided reading task (GRT) or other theories because the notion of guided reading is used in many studies, due to the fact that it is one of the best ways to improve reading comprehension speed.1.2.

Significance and purpose of the studyThis study seeks to investigate possible answers to the question: does using guided reading task have any impact on Iranian intermediate EFL learners reading comprehension speed? The innovative aspect of the current study lies in the fact that it can be considered a mild contribution in the latest theories and models of teaching L2 reading comprehension to Iranian EFL learners. This includes the investigation of the results of the effectiveness of guided reading task which can be helpful for increasing reading comprehension speed.      Another aspect of the results of such a study is that it seems more practical and compatible to an Iranian situation of foreign language learning for those who encounter problems regarding their reading comprehension speed. Therefore, if students want to overcome the fear of reading comprehension and become familiar with the text, a good strategy except grammar or meaning of words need to be learned. Because when the students translate the text word by word to their mother tongue language they may waste a lot of time. The result of the study would have theoretical and practical implications in language teaching which will be explained in details in chapter 5.       For instance, teachers can realize the importance of guided reading task (GRT) in reading comprehension teaching and learning, also various activities will be motivated students and encourage them to use language with more motivation.

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The guided reading task can be beneficial in helping language learners have a better understanding of text except just with paying attention to the structure of text or meaning. Speed reading courses, along with repeated reading and extensive reading, are popularly used methods to help students increase their reading speed.