Like many school-aged students, I hated science growing up. Mathis like a foreign language to me. To be honest, me and my friends found coolwhen we said “I don’t like math”.

Only nerds like math. Therefore, I resented spendingtime studying Math, when I could had been reading books, or watching movies. Foryears, I kept a thought in my mind that I am not a math person. It was tootedious, arbitrary. Its problems would not apply to my real life, no sense offun exploration. I had a difficulty with the language of mathematics and waseasily confused.Theproclamation “I am not a math person” stuck with me from my middle school tocommunity college. At the community college, I got C for my algebra class.

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Thequarter after, I failed miserably the Pre-calculus. Chemistry was another enemy of mine. I found chemistryextremely hard because the subject brings in new, unique language composing ofsymbols of elements, formulae for chemical compounds and tons of chemicalequations. In addition, there was so much math in chemistry. I believed it alreadyhad been enough of a cognitive load of trying to figure out what’s happening onthe molecular/particle level. Making me connect that to math adds layers whichcauses a lot of struggle for myself.

I had no idea why I was learning aboutdimensional analysis. And how would we apply half reaction and the Nerstequation to real life situation? As result of nervousness and my known fear to sciencecourses, I kept making many trifle and silly mistakes during exams. Anothercareless mistake I have made was miscalculation.

Petty addition, multiplicationor subtraction ruined the whole answer.My antagonism with those science subjects lasted until I gota notice saying that I was in academic warning. It was a wake-up call for me.My mind encountered many negative thoughts. What if I wouldbe in academic warning next quarter.

Then I would be dismissed from school. My momwould be very disappointed. She sacrificed a lot for me.

It was exceedinglynerve-racking about telling my mom about my failure. This bad news woulddefinitely be acute to her. I was international students back then. Thus, it costed afortune for my mom to pay for my tuition. I spent days agonizing what I had todo, “I can’t be banned from school. I can’t waste all of my time and my mom’smoney that she worked so hard for me.

It is fortunate for me to come to Americato study. There are billions of unlucky people out there dreaming to take afoot in America. I cannot take my privilege for granted. It is totally possibleto ace those course that I hate. I hate them just because I haven’t put enougheffort to study and understand them”. I started to change my attitude about those subjects.

I believedthat once I understood them, I wouldn’t think that they are boring anddifficult.I retookthe classes that I did poorly in, make weekly visits to the student tutoringprogram, and not hesitant to discuss problems with my professorsI wasdetermined that I had to get at least B for my science courses. I did all ofthe homework, taking notes and paying attention during lectures. I spent atleast 2 hours of studying after classes. I did every problem in the math andchemistry textbooks. I read textbook before and after every lecture. I forcedmyself to work on problem set as soon as possible. Often a step in the problem couldbe utterly perplexing in the first time when I took a look at the page.

However,after scrutinizing it for a while, or sometimes even days, the answer becameobvious. The exhilarating feeling after untangling a problem encouraged me to workon more problem and be more studious. And last, but certainly not least, I madesure I received counseling or talk to someone if undergoing something that Icould not handle and was a danger to my mental health.Eventually, everything was paid off. I got A- for Calculus1,A for Calculus 2, and A for General Chemistry 3. It was out of my expectation.I had never dreamed that I would ace any science courses.

I always thought thatI was not smart enough. And math and chemistry would be my enemy for the restof my life. As myknowledge and understanding increases, I become ever more motivated to delvedeeper into the subjects. It is amazing to me that we can figure out so muchabout how molecules interact in order to create the materials that make up ourworld.  It is empowering to be able to figure this stuff out. Thechallenge involved in learning the science of literally everything is not aneasy feat, but it’s one I’m willing to try to accomplish.             Beside Chemistry, I also find Biologyintriguing to study. What attract me most about this subject are the human lifeprocesses and how they could be obstructed by disease.

I have always beenfascinated by scientific research and the opportunity to become a specialist indiagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Being Biomedical Researcher haspotential of improving the lives of millions suffering from medical conditionsor disease. Additionally, a wide range of position and field in careers ofBiomedical Science can help me choose specific area of my future career.  This is the reason why I choose to studyBiomedical Science.I amapplying for a degree course at UW Tacoma because the university providesexcellent chances not only to gain professional qualifications, but also tolive and work in multicultural environment. The opportunity to deepen myknowledge while approaching the major with like-minded people at universitywould be extremely fulfilling.