Kit Tyler is on a ship called the dolphin heading to a Connecticut Colony and as she may come across like she can’t take care of herself she can as the crew and borders will soon know. While in the Connecticut Colony Kit faces many surprises and is ridiculed by her ways on the boat but there is much more going on in the colony.When Kit Tyler is traveling on a boat to a Connecticut Colony she comes across a child and parents near her, the child had a doll. As Kit looked back she realized the child no longer had the doll and it was in the ocean feeling bad she jumped in to grab it. She jumped and she swam faster and better that may others she grabbed the doll and swam back to the ship what she had not realized is someone followed her in with no extra pair of clothes thinking Kit would drown. After that Everyone excluded her from gatherings.

The only two  people who were nice were  William and Nat friends of hers. The owners of the ship were William’s  parents so they invited her to dine with them the last night of the trip. After unpacking it was daily chores such as washing clothes or mending them. Kit is living in her parents house and conflict occurred during the stay throughout the story love interests not being OK, just normal arguments and other small things. As the story proceeds William and Kit fall in love and william asked her to be his wife and kit said ” I…. Don’t know.” As the story introduces other characters  Kit falls for only William.

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When she is on her way home one night she comes a different way than usual and see’s a meadow, and is confronted by a witch named Widow Tupper. She then visits her every day and meets prudence a little girl who Kit feels bad for because she never learned to read or write so on the weekends prudence and Kit would sneak off into the forest and Kit would teach prudence to read and write. After a very long time of being secretive of  being with  Tupper she was accused of being a witch because she would supposedly talk to children and they would fall ill witch even happened to her sister, because of a plague . She had also been watched a people said they saw her coming from Hannah’s house.

So she was accused of being a witch and practicing witchcraft and hurting children with the power of witchcraft. But luckily her friend steps in during trail to vouch and swear only to tell the truth as he said kit was a good woman and did not do any of the things stated. When they found a book with Prudence’s name written many times in it they questioned Prudence and she confirmed she wrote her own name in the book while learning to write and read. So she was not indeed guilty. As a big surprise and gesture for her sister her boyfriend finished college early and bought a ship and and named it “The Witch” After his girlfriends sisters accusation and Kit told him she would love it.  She did and off they sailed, Kit, Nat, and her sister Hannah.