Kids Travel Tray: An ExtraordinaryKit To Make Every Car Ride A Happy Ride For KidsIn today’s world parents are super busy, beit a father or a mother. The sole reason behind this is the consistent rise inthe consumer price index of an economy. With the steady inflationary pressureon the income earners of a family, it has become mandatory for both mother andthe father to work in order to raise their children in a good and healthycondition without compromising on any of the baby’s need. Monkeys and Bananas is the first travelgoods manufacturer who has answered this crucial need of parents by bringing aninnovative Kids Travel Tray, which will now allow every parent to have aflawless journey with their toddlers. This Tray has a large flat surface withmultiple large and small pockets to hold all the baby items and create amess-free environment inside a car. The company has claimed the product to be,”Top modern quality design!” They went on adding, “Our educational 3-1 car seattravel tray is made of denier polyester with waterproof coating. This materialmakes our travel trays Durable and easy to maintain.

The inside is composed ofthick hard foam that allows for the cup holder to be sturdy enough to avoidspills.”  When it comes to managing kids especiallythe little ones aged between 1-4 years, parents had to bear a lot of headaches.The pain worsens when they had to take their kids along on a trip. Giving themfull attention, checking out all the time whether they are hungry or thirsty,finding out if they are comfortable in the car etc. becomes very difficult attimes. Some kids even create unnecessary tantrums when they find out that theadults are focusing on driving instead of giving him/her the whole attention.

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 The travel tray has a lot of amazingfeatures which solve all of the mentioned issues. The top flat surface is spaciousenough to allow a kid to have his/her snack meal by keeping the tiffin box orplate and eat by resting in his/her most relaxing posture. The tray has a4″deep beverage holder in its one corner to keep the juice bottle or milkglass.

The two pockets on each side of the tray have plenty space to keep thestudy essentials of the kid like books, scrapbooks, drawing book, slate etc.The small pockets are mainly for storing small creative utensils and otherstationeries like pencils chalks, scissors, crayons, highlighters and lot more.The top flap of the tray has a large transparent case to hold cell-phone ortablet.  Fulfilled by Amazon, this unique product islimited in stock and hence parents are recommended to grab it soon before thelast piece is sold out. Parents can obtain this product at an unbelievableprice i.e. only $19.

95 and this travel accessory makes a great gift item fornew mom and dad.