Job Trends for Linux Professionals in 2018                   Linux as one of the Emerging Technologies has gained lots of prominence for its diversiform nature and is evolving creating bunch of opportunities for the IT professionals. Insistent for the IT professionals who know their way around, Linux terminal has grown to the point where firms are facing conflict to fill the roles. According to a survey of the hiring managers and Linux professionals almost 9 out of 10 faced difficulties in filling the ‘Linux-based positions’.Why LINUX?               Linux is an open source project which does not require any antivirus software unlike windows as it has a couple of G1 software tools already embedded which are free from threats and support almost all the major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, and Ruby).

              Linux has gained importance in the Smartphone market as the High- end alternatives are G2 already challenging the iOS, which will lead down to the server based demands at the back end and will account for the Linux-Centric Android at the Front.             Linux has gained an attention in the cloud computing as the research has already shown that the users are slowly switching to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which requires the OS intervention which is usually Linux well known for its high-end computing nature.Linux Growth and Hiring           Linux job market is very hot right now and will prosperous in upcoming years.Beginner to experienced professional:          For a beginner to start with a background with specialization in computer science/IT would be of a great help as he might need a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.Linux is an advanced skill set and provides you an in-depth technical knowledge of how to achieve higher levels of service and productivity in an industry. In order to achieve this IT individual has to complete his LINUX certification        Linux recruiting is advancing steadily and is expected to still progress eventually.

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It has risen from 90% in 2015 to 97% in 2017.The most amazed thing was that the job openings for Linux in US Market had shown 10,019 positions on 40,684 on LinkedIn, and 63,762 on

    Jobs for Linux professionals       Professionals possessing Linux as their skill set can approach and perform various roles as listed below:            It is so obvious that a professional with a reputed skill set such as Linux will be highly paid and is expected to earn more when compared to others due to an added advanced skill set.      Applications of Linux                Various companies use Linux as their basic platform.1. Amazon :     Online retailing completely uses Linux platforms2. Google :     The Company which includes search, cloud computing runs on the same platform3.

Facebook :     The most popular and widely used social networking site is powered by LINUX4. Mc Donald’s  :    World’s largest burger restaurant uses LINUX too5. NASA:    NASA uses mainly LINUX in their wide range of programs6. Nuclear projects:   Mainly for the nuclear projects Linux would be the best option7. Bullet TrainsG3  :      All the controlling, scheduling, maintenance, and Train tracking areG4  Linux basedG5 8. Networking   :  CISCO solutions completely run on Linux9. Robotics   : As robotics is tied to army and security which is supposed to have no G6  G7 G8                                   flaws Linux outstands as the best option Boom of Linux jobs in 2018                   As there is a vast application for Linux in various industries, no doubt there will be abundant opportunities.

People with experience in Linux are already holding a respectable position in the market. It is predicted that even as the server market disappears the Linux market will boom. This opens up various chances for the technical professionals to secure the emerging positions. Inserted: aInserted: -Inserted: TInserted: ,Deleted:tserted: oDeleted:wiDeleted:h