It has beensaid that “Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races done one by one”. Those perseverant short racesof my own life have always been influenced by my persistent determination toachieve my goals and my passion for learning, and they shaped the person that Ihave become.My firstrace started after finishing my high school. My father is a civil engineer andI have always watched how different software supports his career by all means,and that encouraged me to search and find out how different computing-relatedfields take part and interact with all other scientific fields.

In fact, thatwas the first trigger for my choice of Informatics Engineering at AlbaathUniversity as my major. I was and still am certain that of all scientificspecializations at the present time, Computer Science takes pride of place. Day after day, I was getting one step closer from finishingmy goal and graduating from the field I love. However, life is so unpredictableand unfortunately, I had to drop out of my university after my thirdyear due to the war circumstances in Syria. I had to move to Saudi Arabia withmy family, but this move to a safe place for me wasmore difficult than the war itself. In Syria, I was forbidden from my basicrights like safety and security.

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In Saudi Arabia, I was also forbidden fromanother basic right which is the access to education.  I was not allowed to enter universities andcontinue my education for reasons that I don’t understand. I spent two years inKSA just trying to find a way to continue my studies but I couldn’t. That isnot what I planned. Education for me is not something to compromise.

I mightcompromise my safety but not my education. As a result, I decided to move to Jordan and start over again myeducation in 2013. I joined JUST University and enrolled in a more specificoriented program, and this was an excellent platform for me on a personal,academic and practical level. The experience of living and studying in a newsociety gave me a bold and independent personality and eventually, I got mybachelor in Network Engineering and Security with a very good grade.Completingmy masters’ studies is my next aim and studying abroad in a high-tech countrylike Sweden will help me in constructing a better professional identity andboosting my intellectual vitality. I wish to pick up a new language and meet with new people who have different backgroundsand experiences in a country with a rich cultural diversity.

Infact, University of Gothenburg ranks among the top 200 universities worldwide accordingto Times Higher Education rankings in 2018, the sixth-ranked University inSweden and it has the highest number of applicants per study place in many ofits subjects and courses making it one of the most popularuniversities in the country. In addition to that, each of theuniversity vision 2020 principles and the concrete strategies to reachthem has an influential factor in my choice. Being a quality-driven Universityin research, education, and cooperation that supports a positive developmentof its valuable international research will provide me withthe supportive infrastructure for innovation. And that high quality is assuredby having a highly qualified academic staff and researchers’ competencies, forexample, having a Nobel Prize winner -Arvid Carlsson- as one of its leadingprofessors. Also, the strong civic responsibility, working for theenvironment and sustainable development, and how this is put into effect,attract me as I need to know more about this field in order to helpmy country to the next stage. Personally, as aninternational student, I have a keen sense of an openand welcoming atmosphere at the University of Gothenburg.

Thus forthe welcome services that it has and according toa survey set by studyportals website for internationalstudent in 2015, University of Gothenburg was the only Scandinavian universityreceived an “Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award”.Additionally, the inspiring work environment that theuniversity has and is aiming to develop, the modernapproach to learning that the university guarantees with acontinuous flow of new knowledge and ideas, its value base andthe concern for equality from equal opportunities to participatein activities to even gender distribution. All of these reasons make me feelthat I made the best decision for choosing the University ofGothenburg to complete my studies.  the decisive factor for me to choose thisparticular master programme in Computer Science is its flexibility and thecourses diversity (very long sentence.

Try to divideit) (Also, try to bring facts here like its ranking, strategy, studentsatisfaction, achievements, etc). This programme introduces a widevariety of courses that I have a very good background at and I would like toexplore them in-depth. Besides, Computer Systems and Networks is one of theprogramme specializations which is right up my street yet I also have a realpassion in programming and I am eager to enhance my related qualifications inproblem-solving, theoretical and applied researching and handling with complexsituations in both domains as well as other information technology areas. (You need to be more specific when it comes to why you areinterested in this course)”Knowledgeis power” and I need this power to achieve my life goals. I am determinedto have a vital role in the breakthrough technologies which will shape ourdigital future and change our globe into a better sustainable place.

I also aimto develop my competencies and skills that I will need in my job prospects. Yetmy war-torn country suffers the fight consequences, I will spare no effortto immerse my knowledge and transfer tomorrow’s technological development to mynation in order to live it up to the developed country level. I believe that Ihave the required enthusiasm for and commitment to learning that are crucial tosuccess in reaching my challenging targets and I am sure that this programmewill route me towards that.Inconclusion, getting the opportunity of studying this masters’ programme at theUniversity of Gothenburg will be a life-changing experience for me that willinfluence my fruitful future. I was able to cope with challenges that lifethrows me at and this chance one will be another race that I am ambitiousenough to complete with all my efforts.