It doesn’t matter if you play indoors or outdoors, on a beach, or in the grass, volleyball is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It’s a great way to build lasting relationships and stay involved with what’s going on.

You can play it one vs. one or you can play with an entire team. One of the main benefits from playing volleyball is that it helps you burn calories and fat that is a important part of trying to lose weight.

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A medical study at Harvard showed that a single person can burn between 90 to 133 calories during half of a game of non-competitive volleyball, depending on a person’s weight. It’s been proven that beach volleyball burns more calories than indoor volleyball because you are in the sun which causes you to sweat more. Running burns more than walking because it is more intense. The main point of volleyball is having hand-eye coordination. When you serve you follow the ball with your eyes and follow through with your hand to hit the ball at the right time.

You have to have cat-like reflexes to be able to follow the ball and be able to hit the ball at any given time. It strengthens your upper body strength. With the quick changes in pace, volleyball places a high number of demand for technical skills and physical skills. You have to have great agility to be able to bounce around and have all the energy to play this sport. Volleyball requires a bond between teammates that helps them to work together and at a fast pace. If you don’t get along with your team then you are less likely to help each other. It’s been shown that teams members that develop better relationships do better and have more fun than members who do not create a bond.

Having healthy relationships mean you are more willing to have better communication on the court. Healthy relationships lead to better lives. As a team member, you are responsible for your efforts to help lead to the success or failure of the team. You encourage your team on and off the court with positive thoughts and boosts of confidence. In conclusion I think that volleyball is a great sport if you are looking to be involved with your teammates and if you want to better your body for personal strength.