It would be a perfect summer night if Emma were with me……….. I miss you Emma….. My name is Jenny and I’m 22 years old.

I am in a college and I have a secret. Very big secret so that I can’t even tell anyone about it. I am going to talk about me and my friends when we were in middle school and the biggest secret that I have which neither my friends in college or my friends in my neighbors know.

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It was a normal day, very normal which was very boring and not that bad until I arrived at school. When I arrived at school, everyone was shouting and they were all standing around one girl named Stephanie. I asked my friend John “Who is she?” Then John told me “She is new director of our shchool’s daughter and her name is Stephanie, she is also new.” He continued talking but this time he was pointing another girl. “She is also new student in our school and her name is  Emma but I don’t know many things about her.

” It was the first time I meet Emma.On their first day of school, Emma and Stephanie seemed weird because Stephanie was so popular and Emma was so quiet and was not popular. Everyone was saying that Emma and Stephanie are the opposite because of the reason that I told you before. Anyways, the point is that they both seemed very weird. One day, our science teacher told us that we were going to have a partner project for our final grade of quarter two. I was very nervous about who would be my partner. Then finally Ms. Amy called my name “Jenny, you are going to work with Emma.

” At first, I was a little bit nervous because I never talked with her. I asked her to be my friend first “Hi, my name is Jenny Do you wanna be my friend?” Than she told me “Yes I would like to be your friend!” That’s how we became friends. We talked together, we ate lunch together, we went to movies together and we finally became best friends. Then our science presentation was done. Ms.

Amy told us “I am glad that you two are friends now” We got 100 in our presentation and I was very happy so I decided to invite Emma to my house and have pyjama party and go to movies with her. Unfortunately when I was looking for Emma to invite her so that we can play together, Stephanie came to me and shouted to me “Don’t talk with Emma and don’t play with her! She is very poor and she doesn’t have a father!” That is when I realized that Stephanie is a rich girl but mean and hates Emma. I told her “I don’t care if she is rich or poor. When I arrived at home, my father asked me “Is Stephanie your friend?” I told him “No, she is not my friend” My father told me “Stephanie is daughter of new director of our school” I already knew it but I told him “Oh, really? I didn’t know it!” In fact, everyone in my middle school know that Stephanie is new director’s daughter and she is rich also, that is reason why she is so popular.

I really don’t care about that (if person is rich or not and if person is school director’s daughter or not) but I hate when people judge each other and talk bad thing about each other. (Which Stephanie is doing now). Emma had good grades in most classes and she was always in the 1st place of whole 7th grade. It was day before our pyjama party. (It was Friday) We went to my house to study social studies test together that we will going to take on Monday.

We finally finished our study guide and studying. I remember that it took 3 hours to finish the whole thing. When Emma was preparing to go to her house when Stephanie called Emma. I couldn’t hear anything but I could know that Emma was tired and didn’t want to do what Stephanie was saying because Emma seemed tired and she wanted to sleep when she answered the phone. We could see Stephanie’s car outside of my house with her driver. When Emma went down stairs, Stephanie came to Emma and start talking with Emma. Stephanie was laughing and Emma still seemed tired but was also surprised. The next day, I asked Emma “What were you talking about and what happened with Stephanie yesterday night?” Stephanie told me “Stephanie told me to be her friend but it was very weird because I know that she hates me and I also know that she want me to not be your friend either.

I was frozen when I heard this. I asked Emma “How did you know that? Did somebody tell you?” Emma answered my question “I heard it when I was in the bathroom. Since Stephanie and you were shouting at each other, I couldn’t go outside of the bathroom door because it made me feel bad that Stephanie shouts at you because of me.” I asked Emma. “That’s okay but why did Stephanie ask you to be her friend?” It was Monday and we went to social studies classroom to take a test.

When we entered, the whole classmates were all looking at us. Then finally John came and told Emma “They’re watching you because Stephanie told them that when she asked you to be her friend, you told her no and said you hate her.” I could still remember Emma’s face when she listened it.

She was shocked and she was frozen Stephanie was crying. I told Emma “Emma, even though nobody believes you, I am in your side and don’t be afraid of her because she can’t do anything to do.” I told her this because I knew how Stephanie was. The day when Stephanie was talking to me about ‘don’t be Emma’s friend’ thing, I was recording it but Stephanie didn’t realize it.

Finally I sent it to everyone’s email and spread to whole school so that people can trust Emma and stop saying bad things about her. This happened on Friday morning. On Monday when I arrived at school, everyone was waiting for Emma. Then when Emma arrived at school, they said “I am so sorry Emma.” “Can I be your friend?” “I didn’t know that Stephanie hates you that much.

” Everybody became Emma’s friend now and I could know that they were really trusting her. Then normal day started again. We were just playing together, talking together, eating lunch together, doing homework together and studying together. Finally it was the most worst day in my life.

It was December 14th of 2009 which was Stephanie’s birthday and it was also the date that my secret was created in middle school. Stephanie invited everyone even Emma but me to her birthday party. Nobody wanted to go but Stephanie told them “If you don’t want to transfer to another school,, you should come!” Everyone hated Stephanie but they were scared of her because of she is school director’s daughter, she could make people transfer to other schools. Even though she didn’t invite me, I went there because I was worried about Emma. I told Emma ” Emma, I am going to wait for you outside until you come out so if Stephanie wants to do something to you, you can just come outside and tell me.” This time, Emma was recording voice note.

After a few hours later, Emma was not coming out. I was worried but I couldn’t go in. Out of nowhere Stephanie was screaming. Everybody who were invited to the party and I walked inside the party room. Emma was dead in the front of the party room door. I couldn’t believe that Emma was dead in front of me. On the floor, there was a knife with blood between Emma and Stephanie. Stephanie told them that she came out to do to bathroom but Emma was there dead.

Police officials came and they asked Stephanie “Can you tell us what happened and what were you doing in your birthday party?” Stephanie told them “Sure” Stephanie was saying “I came outside of my party room because I wanted to go to bathroom” Police asked her again “Are you sure? So you didn’t saw her today when she was alive?” Stephanie answered them “Yes!” Then they told us to stay inside the party room. They also told us that they have to find for more things to figure out who killed Emma. After 2 hours, one of the police officer came and told us “Your friend Emma was killed by person who have this fingerprint and also with this voice.” and they showed us fingerprint and voice note recorded in Emma’s phone. While the police officers were saying, I could see Stephanie’s hands were shaking.  They told us to stamp our fingerprint inside a small paper and then they took it.

After few minute later, they came and asked us “Who is Stephanie?” Then her face was shocked and her face became white. Her face color was more white than the milk. She went outside with them and also us. Everybody who were invited to Stephanie’s party were crying because they felt so sorry to Emma. The police officer told us to call our parents to pick us up and go home. Finally all parents came and asked “Who knows Emma’s parent?” Everybody knew that Emma doesn’t have a father so My grandmother found Emma’s mother’s phone number from the student information chart.

Then she called her mother and told her “This is principal of Emma’s middle school I think you should come.” Emma’s mother came and didn’t know what was happening. The police officer took Emma’s mother to place where Emma was dead and told her that her daughter is dead and person who killed is Stephanie, also some other things for a long time. They told us that we can go to home so everyone went to their own houses. My grandmother and I was so sad about Emma’s death and was worried about Emma’s mother so we decided to stay with her. She told us that her funeral would be the next day of Emma’s death. We went to her funeral but on the first day, only the parents came and on the second day, our classmates finally came and said that they were preparing flowers for Emma.

While we were there, everybody stayed quiet and some of them were crying. Finally the police officer brought Stephanie and her father from jail. Stephanie came to Emma’s mother and told her “I am so sorry. I was jealous of her because Emma can do everythings better than me and everybody liked her not me.” The police officer told us that Stephanie and her father (our school director) had to go to jail. Stephanie because she killed Emma and her father because he was transferring and retiring students with any reasons or just because his daughter told him to do. The most important thing is that even though they say millions of time sorry, now Emma can not listen their apology  and also Emma can not forgive Stephanie and her father.

These are things that  happened when I was in middle school and my secret. Now a days I can’t hang out, play or meet Emma but she usually comes to my dream and she talks to me. In my dream, she is still middle school girl and she tells me about homework and those things what we usually do in middle school. That is why in my dream, it seems like the time stopped. I am telling you this story because I miss her so much that I can’t stop thinking about it and can’t sleep because my mind is full of it; mess and very unorganized.