It is truethat human’s eye can accept some limited range of light and create image on theretina. But, there are many animals and birds who can see in the night clearly.However, all countries have competed to develop their technology into differentways which help to reduce human efforts with high speed and with good accuracy.Some scientists are trying to solve all problem through the technology.

Still,many people have problems. This essay will discuss on different situations happeningin the night and their solution through the technology. This issue presented aboutproblems while people driving their cars and also give a solution byestablishing the night vision systematic cameras which are using specially formilitary purpose now.

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According to National Safety Council Research, there arethree times greater risk of fatal accidents occurred in the dark night becauseof fog light comes from opposite vehicles. Firstly,there are two separate modes of visual perception-day vision and night vision.Some people like to drive cars in the night because the ration of sellingvehicles is increasing with innovating new technologies which create trafficproblem. Now-a-days, traffic problem is one of the big issue. But other peopleargued that it has a risk to drive at night compare to day time because thereare many factors affected in driving cars at night.

For example, when we drivea car in the night and fog lights directly come from other car in our eyeswhich create blindness for few minutes at that time we cannot see anything.Sometime Light of our car focus on only few areas of the road so, weconcentrate only on that areas. We cannot know what is happening besides theroad. Moreover, we all know that ages and night vision capability isvice-versa. Older people have widely seen these night vision problems becauseof retina.

Retina have two types of light sensing receptor cells called rodsand cones. The rods can only see black and white and the cones can see indetail but only in bright light said Stephen Ryan (2012). They are not sensibleand powerful in older people. However, when light reflects from the object and entersin our eyes than after it creates an image through retina and we can see it.