It is important that when a developer has developed an application they shouldevaluate the project outcome so that the developer knows where there were anyslips in developing and where they could improve on the next project to ensurethat it has been developed to the best quality possible. Having the results ofthe project also means that developers can gain more experience in thedeveloping industry and it also means when future stakeholders are hiring you,the developer can sure them evidence of previous work that has been developedin the past to a successful standard. The outcome of this project was to develop a Library Management system inwhich would allow users to be able store new books onto either a file or adatabase. I did not develop this application as expected because initially Iwanted it to connect to a database. When I was making my library managementsystem I decided that I wanted it to save to a file on a computer rather thanstoring it onto a database. I made this decision because based on the timegiven in my project plan I realised that I would not have the time to attach myuser interface to a database but I would have the time to just save the data toa single file on the computer.

To make this decision I had to have an emergencyreview meeting on the 3rd December 2015 with the senior stakeholderin order to make this drastic decision. My senior stakeholder Mr Eran Sternstrongly agreed with my decision because it was not possible as a new developerto attach a database to a user interface.  Some recommendations that I would make on future projects is whilst doingthe project plan ask myself whether or not this project is technically feasiblein the time scales that have been set rather than coming to a delay when it istime to develop the product.         Next time I would recommend that I should not do a project which is notthat technically feasible in the time frame given rather than over complicatingthe project within the time scales decided. This will help me in the futurewith future projects because I will have learnt that I need to be able totechnically do the project in the decided timescales and I will know beforehand that I do not need to be having emergency meetings with the seniorstakeholder.

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It will also allow the future senior stakeholder to have moretrust in the project that I would be developing because there would be noemergency meeting needed.  Before I had a meeting with the senior stakeholder I also attempted toemail him the progress of my project by sending various things to him such asany new changes to the project plan and he did agree with all the emails that Ihad sent him. When I updated the project plan with the senior stakeholder Iproposed the changes that would see some more time added to the timescales becausethink of the decision to make as to whether the original project is technicallyfeasible after the senior stakeholder had originally approved had delayed theprojects progress so timescales were slightly altered because of the delays.  Some limitations that I had during this project was previous technicalexperience in developing this library management system. This project was quitea complex project to pull off but if done to a good standard all the hard workwhilst developing would pay off because it would be such a good applicationthat librarians would have access to in order for their jobs to become easier.It would also make the life of students easier.

So next time when I’mdeveloping a project I will have to have to appropriate technical experience inthe industry. So to help me gain experience I would say that I need try anddevelop simple projects that just have simple functionality such as saving andreading data that has been entered on the user interface. Then once I havemastered how to develop small applications then it would be easier to developcomplex applications and easier to catch on to new code and easier to handleant errors that have appeared. The original plan and the original idea that Iwanted to do was to develop a fully functional library management system butthe features on the finished development in which I had were limited. Mylibrary management system was developed with only three features, thesefeatures were reading previous data, saving data and clearing data on the wholeuser interface.