Is driving while using cell phone dangerous? Every day there are many people in the world who die in accidents because they utilize cell phones while driving. Studies show that a cell phone put drivers at a four-time more preponderant risk of a crush. Albeit some people support that the cell phone has made it very facile to contact even in an emergency while driving, however, utilizing a cell phone while driving is the most hazardous part and it is not preferable at all.

The major disadvantage of utilizing a cell phone while driving is that it distracts the attention of the driver.                                                          There are many ways which divert the attention of the driver. They include verbalizing with a person, victualing, drink and drive, smoking a cigarette etc. Albeit driver has to manage both, conveyance and the cell phone, perpetually, this adscititiously divert the attention of the driver which leads to perilous accidents, and in some cases, this results in a sudden death of the driver as well as the passenger. In simple words, we can verbally express that the utilizing a cell phone while driving reduces the driver’s way of driving.                          Is it good to use cell phones while driving? Today, cell phones have become an earnest concern and the greatest cause of road accidents.

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 Drivers utilizing cell phones cannot be able to give consummate attention on the road. Not only on the road but also on the other people who are crossing the road. However, the regime of many places including India, Austria, Germany, Australia, Greece, Switzerland and other different countries as well as African countries has ostracized utilizing mobile phones during driving.                    Is it good for the driver to multitask?  When the driver is driving and is utilizing cell phone his all focus will not be on the road or on the traffic and it will become hellish to handle a cell phone and the conveyance concurrently. Utilizing cell phones during driving adscititiously reduces the noetic capacity of drivers and they become unsuccessful to concentrate or diminutive or immensely colossal activities circumvented by them. Mainly during lamentable weather, the roads are slippery, drivers get diligent in conversation and pay less attention to the areas which have lots of jeopardy of pernicious accidents. There are also few people such as businessman or layers they need to attend each and every call on their cell phone for some important work however because this habit they can create a threatening and hazardous situation like a crash or an accident which may sometimes lead to death on spot.

                                                            The most sizably voluminous advantage of eschewing the utilization of cell phone during driving is conforming safety of the driver, other people on the road, conveyance as well as the people in the car. By playing games on the cell phone, sending a message, or having a conversation with the mobile increases the chances of a contingency.                                                 Should we talk while driving? Is hands-free set talking safe for the driver? The conversation with a person through a cell phone during driving have a unique impact on drivers. People have low-level perceptions when they are utilizing cell phones while driving. A driver who is diligent in a conversation is unable to concentrate on his driving and not concentrating on driving may result in a contingency or sudden death. The consciousness of events transpiring around the conveyance has an astronomically immense impact on driving. It is consequential for drivers to concentrate on their driving by looking outside events and their possible impacts on driving.

Utilizing cell phones while driving makes it arduous a lot for the driver to consistently visually examine the events transpiring outside. Utilizing cell phones during driving diverts the attention of driver road safety concerns.                                                  Concluding, if people don’t give up cell phones the number of fatalities on the roads will increment.

It is peoples’ responsibility to not incur their own and other peoples’ lives. People should never use the phone while driving and if they want to attend to a call on their cell phone or use their cell phone they must stop the car on the side of the road and attend to the call or to use their cell phone.