Does your heart
start to feel terrified because of small
things? Suddenly the mind gets restless and the heart starts to beat faster. At
that time, you do not understand what to do? In this way, you will not get peace.
I too suffered from this anxiety issue. If you too feel these things then you
are also a victim of nervousness and the anxiety disorder. It is a kind of
mental disorder. In medical language, everyone goes through it. The number of
patients is increasing, if the problem is not treated on time, it gradually
turns into a phobia. However, you do not
need to worry, as there are many treatments for controlling anxiety attacks. Some
of them are medicines, psychotherapy etc. However, I know you do not want to
consume drugs because they can be like an addiction to you. Therefore, I suggest
you to you that you should choose natural options. Here, I will help you to
find such safe and natural options to calm your mind and anxiety.

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tea is widely known for its antioxidant properties and health benefits. There
is an amino acid in green tea. It is L-Theanine. Research has shown that L-Theanine
helps in increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and according to some human
studies, it also helps you reduce anxiety. According to a study, if you take around
200 ml of L- Theanine,
then you will be very calm and you will have more focus. I too feel relaxed,
when I drink green tea.

should try the herb Ginkgo biloba. This herb is often used for memory disorders
and other problems, which reduce blood flow in the brain such as memory loss,
lack of concentration and mood disorders. Ginkgo biloba is one of the longest
living species in the world. This herb is completely safe and it is being used for
centuries. It is at least 200 million years old herbs.

you reduce the problem of omega-3 fatty acids acidity, then it helps to improve
mood by reducing adrenaline and the cortisol. This will reduce anxiety and stress
levels in the body. Fatty fish such as the tuna and the salmon, walnut, and linseeds are very good sources of omega-3
fatty acids. It helped me. Especially walnut as I do not like fish. It helped
me in eating and sleeping habits. You need to
try these natural items to get relief from anxiety.

you heard about Chamomile? They are very good for anxiety. It helps to calm
your brain and then relieves the anxiety issues. According to modern study, the
people who have moderate or the serious level of anxiety should consume Chamomile. It has sedative effects. It will
help your body to relax. The recipe is
simple to add its dry powder in hot water
with honey and cinnamon. Leave it for few minutes and drink it. You will feel

comes my favorite lavender. This is a popular herb. It is an essential oil famous
for its property of calming nerves. Its refreshing fragrance helps you by
reducing the heart rate and the blood pressure. It is an anti-anxiety remedy. You
can check it yourself just smell lavender oil. You will feel the calmness in you. It helps in all kinds of
anxiety disorders.

like the taste of fennel. I hope you do too. This is very beneficial during
anxiety. It calms all the nerves your body and assists in reducing the anxiety.
You can directly eat them raw. However, I preferred two methods. First is ate
them raw with sweetener and the second
one is, I used its fragrance to treat my anxiety. If you want, you can make
fennel tea. It is also beneficial for your anxiety.

is another medicinal plant famous as Kava. It is found abundantly in southern
Pacific parts. It can be very useful in high-level
anxiety for the people with this discomfort. Kava plant works on your brain and
on other parts sensitive of your central nervous system. Its root is helpful to
calm anxiety, deep stress, continues depression, mild to a serious headache, the restlessness, in treating
insomnia and nervous feelings. I know this is a little
bit hard to find. Nevertheless, you can find its solutions, supplements,
and root on online stores.

is another aromatic spice, which helps you to relax your body and the muscles it
also fights against anxiety and stress factor. Therefore, this nutmeg treatment
is highly effective in the treatment of repetitive
anxiety, work stress, and the depression
issue. It is very beneficial for you if you have them just before sleep. The
nutmeg treatment improves and extends the
calmness of your sleep. All you need to do is Sniff its aroma. Use the nutmeg
oil for this purpose as I find it more relaxing. It reduces the total fatigue
of the body, corrects your mood and calms
your brain nerves. In addition, if you want you can mix around half a tablespoon
of nutmeg in your everyday diet.


Anxiety is a
big problem. But it is not incurable. You can even cure this problem with
the simple process and natural products. I
understand its effect because I too have gone through it. You can take cold
water herbal bath to treat this issue. For me along with above remedies, rest from the daily work helped me. You should go
for tour or picnic to change your mental
status. It will cure your anxiety.