data is important for an organization and is a valuable resource requirement
for the safe and effective care. For achieving the purpose and mission, data
used are the part of strategic plan. Management information system should be
used by the organization to allow the company to check sales data, outflow as
well as information to track the profit from time to time increasing the return
on asset and identify the areas which needs to be improved.

the term of business decision making, information system is a set of data,
computing services and management methods that helps the company operations. Management
information system is the subdivision of information system. The goal of MIS structure
is to support management and assist in making informed and strategic decisions.
Which for instance can be explained as, helping a business to implement a new
social media strategy.

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of MIS data could be revealed of how to utilize internal and external information’s.
It can also highpoint the company’s use of technology of which is outdated or
poorly applied. So much like an IT professional, MIS authorities tend to spend
lot of time troubleshooting, adjusting software or supporting less technically practicality

Information System is a set of procedures and systems that bring information
from a range of sources, that information which will be compiled and are
presented in a readable format. MIS are used by the Mangers to create reports
which provide them with a complete overview of the information they need to
make decisions ranging from daily details to top level strategy. In today’s Management
Information System, it is relied largely on technology to accumulate and
present data. But the perception is older than modern computing technologies.

information system purpose is to make Manager’s decision making more
well-organized and prolific. By combining information from a range of sources
into a single database and presenting those information in a logical format,
MIS provide Managers with everything they require to provide highly informed
decisions and perform detailed analysis of operational issues. If the Manager
requires any information, then MIS can collect any type of information.
Financial data can be viewed like daily revenues and expenses and point them to
specific departments or groups.

gauges such as timeliness of project or the quality of products coming off the
meeting line can help managers to locate the much-needed improvements.
Schedules can be managed by the staffs for work shifts, incoming distributions
and outgoing consignments from any place related to MIS. Collaboration and
communication can be facilitated in management information system. Documents
can be edited and shared by the employees and applicable information can be
communicated on predicted developments and warnings across the organization.

of management information system most valuable features is to create reports. In
a way that Managers can understand, information’s are presented in internal
reports. Which includes all relevant data and grouping data in a logical
manner. For instance, for a restaurant chain a corporate Manager can view the
report which shows the revenue, expenses, labor-hours of each outlet, that
allows them to check which store makes the most money per employee and which
store have higher expenses compared to revenue and expenses. According to US
Department of Labor, non-organizations can use MIS to generate reports required
by the federal government. This can allow the employees to focus on productive
activities and reduce errors and cost related with resubmitting central

can use MIS to perform their work more effectively. For instance, at all levels
employees can use MIS to check on the status of catalogue items, related to
specific department and request for internal transfer of materials.

whole of Technology was the MIS department. From 1960s to the 1980s, rather
than technology, the practitioners and business schools referred to MIS. In the
early times, the company’s main role was to help the CEO and CFO with the
management information system to run the business tasks. Such as order entry,
accounting or budgeting. None of the applications of the company’s existed,
programmers on a mainframe usually wrote code to carry out the functions. The
systems were business dangerous, which means if it had to go to the manual
accounting then the business would fail. The business would be in danger if MIS

CFO ensured the developers and administrators to deliver what accounting
required. The scope of computing responsibilities began to change in the 1980
with the beginning of personal computers that ran spreadsheets. MIS required to
service a wider range of users which organized external as well as internal
software programs. Personal spreadsheet took business dangerous processes out
of the province of upper management. To reflect the new set of internal
customers the name of the department changed to information system.

rise of the company application brought a new set of information system task in
the 1990s. Better services were provided to the consumers than the competitors
which made the companies succeed. A wider range of applications were handled
than the MIS department like ordering entry, accounting, budgeting and supply
chain management and sales force automation. Most of the tasks were not solely property
of the information system department. Outsourcers and outside vendors all
demanded a share of the company computing.

the company’s architecture information system became a strategic director of
the software and hardware technologies also less of controlling central entity.
The name has changed again to reflect the new role which is information
technology. Today in various context, management information system is used
broadly, which includes project management or database reclamation

though the boundaries between the management information system and information
technology have become unclear over the years, MIS covers systems that are
dangerous to the company’s ability to survive which also includes order entry
and accounting.

importance of MIS should be understood by the upper management in the situation
of company revenue. In most of the businesses MIS grips legacy software and
hardware which is coded by the programmers, who has not left any documentation
for the systems. The company upgrades systems and it involves high risks.   

technology is very important. In the business world, technology has helped
highly, no matter small or big. It has helped in terms of management, products,
manufacturing or marketing. Technology has also helped organization, Managers
or workers to work more efficiently, to request a problem, consider its difficulty
and produce new goods and services. Therefore, improving productivity and

requires to maintain stock to demand without investing more than what they require.
Management information system identify the quantity of each item a company
maintains and order of additional stock by using a way MIS. It has become more
important to the organization because they need to maintain stock to meet
customer demand. Using technology in MIS, it helps to track quantity of every
item a company maintains.

use technology to improve the way of design and manage customer relationship. MIS
captures relations a company has with their customers so that they experience
more gain. In case a customer calls the center and reports an issue, the
customer relation officer will be able to see what the customer has purchased,
check the delivery information call the training manual for the item and
respond to the issue. Since the computerized systems is used widely, it is the
advantage to incorporate technology in organization. Technology provides many advantage
to the business world, like allowing the organization to work more efficiently
and increase efficiency.

helps in storage system of important data or documents to protect the company
records. Storage system helps the company to keep the information safe allowing
certain users to access, withdraw or change the documents. Technology can
access the remote network of company. It allows one to work from anywhere. Of all
this it will help increase efficiency even if physical work is done in the

if technology can be directed towards specific ends the scope of technology is
unfocused outside of computing processes. MIS begins with a focused purpose it
addresses the needs of business management. Technology supports and informs the
methods of reaching MIS objectives.

organization need to find a way to do more work in a short amount of time. Therefore,
the efficiency of technology by using MIS has taken the burden off employers. In
the business world, communication plays an important role in maintaining the
relationship between employees, customers and suppliers. In that case, the use
of technology can simplify the way to communicate through networking. Which means
the customers, suppliers and employees can communicate anywhere through

it can be seen that technology has become very important in today’s world,
since it helps in simplifying the work. Therefore, most of the companies use
technology in business to improve their performance and make it successful. The
speed gain and sharing information use a technology which makes the business
improve performance.