Favoured Universalisation and Democratization of United Nations by admitting new states and giving them say on matters of common and collective interests. It was due to India’s effort that communist China became a member of UN in 1971. iii. India raised voice against colonialism and helped in constitution of a committee of General Assembly for this purpose. iv. India has shown commitment on issues of Disarmament, discussed within the preview of UN provided they are not discriminatory.

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In fact, India supports comprehensive disarmament in a planned way which can effectively put an end to arms race. v. As regard its financial obligation, India has shown discipline. While some of the big powers are often reluctant in fulfilling their liabilities, India has never defaulted. vi. India has played significant role in various peace keeping operations taken under the auspices of U.N. For example in Korea, Indo- China, Congo, Gaza, Cyprus etc.

her role was widely praised. But, experience in Sierra-Leone led India to advocate some modification in the peace keeping exercise. Thereafter, the Security Council passed a resolution which sought to strengthen the partnership between the troop’s contributors, the Council and the Secretariat. vii. India presented a case for New International Economic Order (NIEO) for the developing countries in U.N. which led to adoption of a resolution for this purpose in General Assembly (1974). viii.

A large number of Indian personnel have rendered valuable services to different agencies of U.N. The list of India’s commitment to the objectives and activities of U.N. is by no means exclusive. Even in contemporary times, when there is some doubt over relevance of UN in view of KOSOVO crisis and war in Iraq; India remains committed to the world body. For, India hopes that the organization has succeeded in its aims of saving the mankind from scourge of war and she is quite optimistic with achievement of such an objective in the future too.