In conclusion, although there are many benefit of technology there are alsomany downfalls that people forget about .it is important to be educating on allaspect of something especially when it is impacting mind body and society alltogether.   Influence of information technology on religious practice has mainly beento the effect of making information about them more accessible.Tradition: an inherited, established, customary pattern of though, actionor behavior (as a religious practice or social custom) How has the development of information technology influenced the commontradition / cultural continuity of a society? Impact of technology in community life: Technological tools like virtual meeting applications save us time, wedon’t have to be in meeting physically yet information and data will be sharedin real time.

Creates mobility: employees can work from anywhere at any time, thismobility makes employees stay in control their jobs.Technology can also be used to track performance and productivity of eachemployee at work.It improves on the process of screening, recruiting and hiring newemployees.Improve on human resource management.Impact of technology on work:We wouldn’t be able to stay updated with the world.

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You are setting at a restaurant with five friends and each of you but yourface down hold your smart phone and check e-mails or update social status. Andalso without the technology we wouldn’t be able to talk friends, family how area way. With the development of mobile phone social networks are coming in to yourband and people get addicted to it.

With the capability of bandwith, broadband and connection speed to theinternet, any information can travel fast at an instant. It saves time andinexpensive. In the past, it took a long time for any news or messages to send. Now withthe internet, news for messages sent via e-mail to friends, business partner orany one efficiently.Nowadays, people tend to choose online communication rather than havingreal time conversation.Although the technology has had a negative effect on people health thereare also has a lot of positive affect  onpeople health such as better data coordination and management, more noninvasiveprocedure, MRI technologist in imaging technology and accurate diagnoses.

 With the amount of problems coming up from the use of technology, today itis said there is a higher demands for psychologist and with social media begin sopopular today it has had a major impact online bullying which has contributedto many causes of depression and social issues. Barakat, C. (2014, June).

Getting ideas for things right off the internet it has contributed topeople becoming less creative and less independent.With technology available at any time of the day, technology has taken a waythe need of critical thinking.Effect on the mind:Technology has negative impact on people body, it has contributed toobesity and lack of physical activity especially on children it also cause pooreating habits, back pain as a result of use of computer for a long hours andlead to bad posture, vision problem. Tate, E. (2015).Impact of technology on different element of society (health,communication, work, community life)144 billion total e-mail traffic per day worldwide. 2.

2 billion number of e-mail users worldwide.8, 296, 365, 625 people use the internet in the world. Today technology surround us in everything we do, from computer,microwaves, car washes to drive through , technology has come long way and isnow a part of people everyday life.The first cell phone was invented 1973. The first computer was invented in 1946.

In the 21st century the main technology that was being invented waselectronic (Wikipedia, 2015). The world technology was very uncommon in the 20th century (Wikipedia, 2015).History:Technology defined as a group of electronic instrument and devices which contributeto the development of many fields which are part of life and the concept oftechnology is not limited to the use of computer only but intended the way ofthinking and solving problems to reach of the goal.The more advanced technology become, the more it seems to have control overour lives.

Today the use of technology is widely available add insistentlypromoted throughout our society. While technology make life easier for people,it also creates some problems for our society such as the decline in ordinarysocial behavior. Yet, modern so cites realized the significant of intellectualtechnology which is a form of new knowledge that achieves goals or solves many problems.From at home, work, school and even on our spare time, technology has becomevery prevalent in our everyday lives. Not only has this started to have animpact in our minds and bodies, but also to our community and our everydayhuman interaction.