In 2014 Burberry
used the youngest Beckham, Romeo starred in Burberrys first Christmas campaign
in a 4-minute video. The video tells the tale of a young couple falling in love all in
Burberrys trademark trench coat. In the advertisement it
shows the outerwear, the way they started. The video has 10,547,867 views with 21,195
likes and 1,157 dislikes which shows that this has been a successful campaign. The Guardian have stated that “Sales of Burberry
coats, bags and fashion climbed 14% to just over £600m in the three months to
the end of December.” Choosing Romeo Beckham as the celebrity endorsement ended
with a positive outcome for Burberry’s sales. Sharkey L.I.N.D.A (2014) says “The
dimple-cheeked son of David and Victoria Beckham stars in the campaign” also
Mann A.N.D.R.E.A (2014) “says and it stars the young and impossibly cute Romeo
Beckham.” Most news articles I have seen form this campaign mention how cute he
was or how he is the son of The Beckham’s but then after it comes to talk about
the campaign itself you lose a bit of focus by the previous part. It would
better to have more information on the campaign as I feel like it is taking away
the focus from Burberry itself but essentially people are going to buy products
because he is young and adorable.

Social media
allows you to get to know your target consumer and your potential target market.
N/a (2017) reveals Burberry’s marketing budget “Over 60% of their marketing
budget is now spent on digital media”

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Burberry has
embraced social media. They are now one of the main luxury brands that keep a regular
update on their social media and integrates it effortlessly. They reinvented
the brand and their social media was their key promotional strategy. Burberry
have a following of 17,324,100 with Gucci and have around 16,000,000 on Facebook
with Prada’s likes being shockingly low with only 6,327,202 likes. Burberry
used snapchat to deliver exclusive content such as behind the scenes events to
their “tech savvy” consumers.

In previous years,
you had to for the big reveal on the runway for the new collection and then
gone afterwards to put in an order.  Campaign images have been already released of
the collection on social media platforms before showing it on the runway. Burberry’s
in 2016 was one of the first luxury fashion brands that allowed you to live
stream from Facebook which then you were able to buy the new collection you
were seeing straight away which was called “see now buy now”. Burberry have
full committed too to the “see now buy now” due to six months after that the
company was reported boots in revenue of 19 percent which roughly estimates to £1.27
billion pound. Brannigan, M.a.u.r.a (2017) tells us how Burberry did after the “see
now buy now” “February 2017 show
generated “record

online reach and
engagement, with foot traffic to Makers House””