In recent years, metaloxide nanoparticles have been studied thoroughly due to their extraordinaryproperties which make them suitable for various potential applications inpharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for large-scale production.

Nowadays,synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanoparticles comprise a majorresearch area. A study has been conducted regarding the synthesis and processingof such particles1-3. Metal oxide nanoparticles have drawn a great concern inrecent years owing to their enormous applications in various fields. A narrowparticle size distribution is desirable for many applications6. However,alumina nanoparticles are expected to play important roles in variousapplications. Aluminum oxides orhydroxides are odorless, white amorphous solid. They are amphoteric in nature,i.

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e., have both acidic and basic properties. They are used in various chemical,commercial, industrial applications. Consequently, the aluminum hydroxide is solublein both inorganic acids and sodium hydroxide solution and insoluble in waterand alcohol. It serves as an important precursor for the synthesis of aluminaand their ceramic products. So synthesis of nanostructures have been paid muchattention in recent years owing to their unique properties and wide range ofapplications including as adsorbents, antacids, chromatography devices,filtering medium, catalysts. A broad range of novel applications within thesefields depend on the redox/acid-base, surface, optical and mechanicalproperties of oxide nanoparticles. Despite of the techniques, the ultimate aimof particle synthesis predominantly focuses on controlling the particle size,their morphology and crystallinity.

Their shape and crystal structure can alsoinfluence the material properties6. Lashanizadegan et al. synthesized aluminum oxide nanoparticles and surfacemodification was done to prevent aggregation and also to ensure the perfectdispersion of nanoparticles4.

Richard etal. explained the complete process for producing aluminum hydroxide withimproved whiteness5. The synthesis of aluminum oxides or hydroxides byvarious methods, their characterization and applications are completely discussedin this review paper.