In today’s world, everything is becoming smaller and portable. The big and heavy duty computers were replaced by smaller desktops which were further succeeded by laptops. Now, even laptops are considered too heavy to carry around, smartphones have taken over the markets. The newest generation of smartphones have processors more powerful than the average PCs. Websites are now forced to have their presence felt on the smartphone scene.

Android being the OS run by a whopping 80% of smartphone users is the most in-demand developing skill in the market. One can find many Android App Developers in a booming city like DelhiThe points through which a person can evaluate a developer are:1) Proficiency in JavaJava is at the core of Android programming. All the SDKs and other tools are in Java. An inefficient Java programmer can never be a good Android developer.2) Understanding of XMLExtended Markup Language is the universal standard of encoding data for online platforms. In Android development, XML is used to define layouts and app permissions. 3) Familiarity with Android StudioIt is the gold standard in IDEs for Android Development.

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Almost every developer uses it. Android Studio has the best support for the most common Android SDKs. Android Studio is a must-have for the Android developer.4) Knowledge of ANDROID SDKsSoftware Development Kit is just a fancy name for a set of pre-packaged code. The Android SDKs are modules of Java code that gives developers access to devise functions like the flashlight and GPS.5) Handling APIsYou’ll want your app to interact with third-party services to save time and increase its productivity. APIs are just the tool for that, you can use it to check the weather in a particular region or authorize a person’s login details.

6) Experience with Material DesignMaterial design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. These standards include tips for how to layer various elements on the screen and use specific styles like drop shadows. 7) Easiness with Database If your app handles large amounts of data, most of it probably won’t live on your device at any given time. Instead, your app will likely interact with a database living outside of your phone. A developer may use a cloud-based service like Firebase or an inbuilt SQLite.8) Adaptive ProgrammerA developers code must always be adaptive. It should scalable with new updates and be accommodating for new features.

Starting from scratch each time is just not an option as it is a massive waste of time and effort.9) Problem SolverGood programmers have a good attitude. They must be able to overcome the challenges faced during the development cycle of an app. A developer who gets stuck repeatedly will cause delays and losses.Android is a dynamic platform which is always in a state of flux. Adding new and removing obsolete functionalities. The developers should always keep themselves up to date with the current trends.

A slow learner will always lag behind them and will not be able to cope with the new demands. When finding the right candidate for Android App Developer in Delhi keep in mind these points. Use them to evaluate their suitability for the role.