In Chapter One and Two of Animal Farm, by
George Orwell, the readers are introduced to an allure interesting
characters with creative and static personalities that make the first segment
of this book a bombastic view on how the Bolshevik Revolution was portrayed.
The plot of this book seems to be very familiar to the events of the Bolshevik Revolution,
which took place March 8, 1917. Its characters also seem to bear a similarity
to leaders and ideas during that era.

       One who I find familiar and interesting
is Old Major, a farm pig and well respected among the animals of the far. Old
Major informs the animals that they have been mistreated. He also produced the
idea of a revolt to the animals in hopes that they followed when he dies. Old
Majors characteristics such as anger and wisdom and his will to implant a new
way of living to the animals reminds me of Karl Marx, German philosopher and
revolutionary socialist. When Marx published The Communist Manifesto and Das
Kapital it was like the way Old Major gathered the animals and gave them a
speech on their situation. After Major died his Ideas were remembered and
enforced by three pigs Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer. These three represent
leaders during the Bolsheviks revolution who followed under Karl Marx’s idea of
communism after he died.

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      Another interesting character is Mr.
Jones, the farmer of the manor farm, he indeed does treat the animals bad and comes
home often drunk. Mr. Jones shares many similarities to Tsar Nicolas II, former
last Emperor of Russia ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication
on March 15 ,1917. Tsar would treat his underlings bad and not care for his

      In Conclusion, Chapter 1 and 2 produced a
lot of interesting characters that represent a lot of ideas during the
communist era. I hope as I continue too read “Animal Farm” the readers are
introduced to more.