In the novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, the creature is shown four different readings that shaped his outlook on human existence.

The four novels are Paradise Lost by John Milton, Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Ruins of Empires by Constantin- Francois de Volney. The monster regards these books as his own treasures and they will forever be important to him. Understanding that these four novels impacted the creature in a positive manner, hopefully would change him for the better. The four books would be Carrie by Stephen King, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Dracula by Bram Stoker, and Brave New World by Kathryn Aldous Huxley.

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Each one of these novels take a stance for power and courage in the characteristic of an individual regardless of the physical and emotional hardships they face throughout the novel.  Carrie written by Stephen King is a wonderful book to connect to Frankenstein’s creation.  The novel is a  transition from the author’s earlier novel “Sorrows of Young Werter”. Just like Frankenstein, when Carrie was born she was rejected and outlasted by others. When Carrie finally gains confidence and realized her inner light, she fights against those who has tormented her, even her own mom.

In the end of the novel Carrie dies, however when she became aware of her powers she died a fighter against those who have bullied her and devalued her of her worth as a human. Personally I feel like Frankenstein would be able to relate to Carrie because he happened to be a monster on the outside, but a sweet and loving person on the inside, who didn’t deserve the treatments he received. Carrie and Frankenstein were both able to find the light that burned so deep inside of them, and prove to the people who never believed in them. The good lies within everyone.

 In the novel To kill a Mockingbird by Harper lee share a lot in common with Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Tom Robinson and Frankenstein are being targeted because of their appearances.The monster gets discriminated upon because people think he’s ugly and dangerous.

Robinson in to kill a mockingbird is seen as the antagonist, and is accused of raping a caucasian women by the name of Mayell Ewell. Prejudices played a huge factor in this novel, and because Tom Robinson is an African American male he was forced into segregation just like the monster was. In Frankenstein, Shelley stated  “He is pursued by the ignorant villagers, who think he is evil because he is ugly”, this corresponds into To Kill a Mockingbird when Lee said ” My pity does not extend as far as to her, putting a man’s life at stake. These two quotes are related because they both tie into Robinson and Frankenstein’s life that is being risked because of their differences in society, and the people that are judging  them are too bigoted to understand the impact they are causing in both Robinson’s and Frankensteins life. These two novels are obviously similar however they are also quite different.

One of their differences is the fact that Frankenstein has a true friend that accepts him for who he is, unlike Tom Robinson who doesn’t seem to have anyone who truly cares about him. They both died at the end of their novels, however they died different deaths. Robinson knew how he was going to die, however Frankenstein did not have the brain capacity to understand how the human  lifespan worked. In the Hungarian novel Dracula written by Bram Stocker, incorporates ruination and agony for the main characters (Jonathan Harker and Mina Harker). The two classic horror stories Frankenstein and Dracula presents very similar character traits that also contrast  on key elements. The two novels are parallel since each plot is centered around the monstrosity  of the villains’ actions and the uncertainty of what each monsters destiny has in store.

Unlike Frankenstein, Dracula had very different motives for his consumptive behaviors. The monster had become destructive due to the constant rejection, without having the chance to show others the beauty in his soul. In contrast Dracula’s reason for casing such ill on others was purely out of selfishness. Dracula benefitted personal rejuvenation by sucking the blood out of innocent victims.  Contrary to Frankenstein’s monster, stocker wrote Count Dracula out to be the true antagonist who doesn’t deserve to receive compassion from the reader. Towards the end of Dracula,  Harker’s wife Mina, became a completely different character.

When Mina found out the Harker would be staying in Transylvania longer than expected to be, it never crossed her mind that Jonathan could have found someone else to be with, as Elizabeth did in Frankenstein. Dracula may have a different plot than Frankenstein, however the two novels share similar character traits. Protagonist Frankenstein and Jonathan Harker both aimed to defeat the antagonist in the novels. These two horror novels illustrated how common characters did not inevitably have common plots.  In novel Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, share a similar theme to Frankenstein. The two novels predicted what their future would be like. The monster gravitated to the novel Paradise Lost and began questioning the existence of himself and the creation of God. Brave New World and Frankenstein are both science fiction.

In Frankenstein Victor attended a university in Ingolstadt in order to gain more knowledge to bring death to an end.  In Brave New World embryos were being manipulated and created into the ideal future role. The two novels differed in eras, as there was a lack of technology in the 18th century when Frankenstein was published. Both Shelly and Huxley incorporated the scientific advances of technology into their novel in order to portray to the reader the scientific capabilities of the future.

Victor Frankenstein was successful in bringing humans back to life and Huxley predicted that scientist would be able to  produce humans outside the womb.      In conclusion we humans, are builders. Over a course of time we gather and develop ourselves as well as our personalities that are all based on an array of influences we let into out minds. One of those influences happens to be pain, which is caused from death, rejection, abandonment, as well as other traumatic experiences that could have occurred in life. In Frankenstein Victor was forced to come face to face with his creation, the monster.

However the monster could have also been an identical reflection of  Victor’s personal pain, and sorrow. While living in the cottage, the monster discovers four different books, that change his entire outlook on life. If I was to change the creatures material, I would select novels that spoke about good over evil, and overcoming challenges in life. For example the Wizard of Oz speaks about the importance of building strong connections with others, and rising above the tornados that attempt to get in our way of out true destiny. Therefore by modifying the literature the monster would mostly likely change the novel as well as the way the monster sees himself as well as his life.