In the nursing setting it is very important to control our own emotion to be able to help patients and to understand their feeling. Nursing focuses on meeting the physical, social and emotional health-care needs of individuals, families and society to be able to provide the better care.

In health care, nurses directly communicate with patients and try to empathize with them this to contribute in their outcomes.(Ward, J., Cody, J., Schaal, M., & Hojat, M.

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2012).Nurses sometimes give care under emotionally intense conditions where the individual undergoes pain and distress this mean that nurses need to be in contact with the individual, be open towards his/her emotion, be supportive in accepting his/her emotions, be affectionate and approach the mistakes and lapses without prejudice during the time when they provide care.As a student nurse, to be an emotional intelligence’s person, I will be able to perceive and understand the patient’s emotions, and use these perceptions to achieve the goal of managing complex situations towards quality patient care. Also control my own emotions are important, because is our ability as a nurse to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others especially in situations, where, some terminally ill patients request for assistance. (Journal  of Nursing 2017). Therefore   nurses can do research to find out how to help   patients and families in critical conditions and how to improve their life. According to (Buns, N & Grove, S.K.

2010). Research means “to search again” or “to examine carefully” more specifically, research is meticulous, logical inquiry or study that validates and refines existing knowledge. Research requires determining the relevant knowledge   needed by nurses.

Because nursing is a practice profession, research is essential to develop and refine knowledge that nurses can use to improve clinical practice and deliver the excellent qualities of care to families and to patients.