In almost all people, sleep becomes a very importantpart in everyday life. Sleep also became an important process for the body,where the bed will affect all the functions of the existing systems in thebody. Where this function is important in order to get freshness and ready torun daily life. In addition to bed also support growth, especially to childrenand adolescents because when sleep much growth hormone secreted.

But what wouldhappen if most people experience sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation for some people due to the demandsof the activity and the work to be done on time. Lack of sleep also experiencedfor most of the students they usually prefer not to sleep due to the need towork on the report and the tasks that must be gathered up the next day. But youknow, if sleep deprivation has a very fatal danger and leads to bad for thehealth of the human body. Due to the poor among others; 1. Suffering from aserious illness.

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2. Experiencing depression and cognitive disorders. 3.Increase weight and 4. Memory decline. Due to the lack of sleep was suffering from a seriousillness, the less sleep also suffered from a variety of serious diseases. Aserious disease risk suffered by the people of the lack of sleep is a good formof heart disease, heart attack or heart failure. This is because sleep plays animportant role in a person’s body ability to heal and repair blood vessels andheart.

That’s why someone who is sleep-deprived tend to be prone to sufferserious illness associated with cardiovascular. Other diseases that may beinflicted on someone less sleep that is experiencing abnormal heart beat(arrhythmia), diabetes, stroke, or high blood pressure. The second is experiencing depression and cognitivedisorders, many studies that show sleep deprivation cause psychologicaldisorders including depression. People who experience sleep deprivation wouldbe more vulnerable to such interference, compared with people who got enoughsleep.

The third is experiencing weight gain, lack of sleepwill also cause your metabolism to slow down, because the pr    ocess of digesting sugar that is consumedduring the day will be disturbed. Lack of sleep causes increased hunger duringirregular hours, because the body begins to demand more food from banak what itneeds, so it will cause weight gain. And the last one is experiencing a decline in memory,while sleeping is the time enter the things learned and experienced into shortterm memory system.

At the time of sleep, neural connections that support one’smemory system experiencing reinforcement. If the sleep cycle is interrupted,automatic consolidation of memory would be disrupted. Lack of sleep will alsoresult in a person sleep who is one of the factors cause someone easy toforget.

Sleepy also plays an important role for the loss of ability to focusand concentration. It causes a person’s memory is weakened if it happensconstantly. Based on the above description, it can be concludedthat the lack of sleep had an impact is bad for the health of the body and ifit continues will have an impact is fatal for the body.

Preferably, sleepdeprivation should be avoided because the body needs a break. To avoid the lackof sleep is a good idea at the time of activity should utilize the best timeduring the day so that when the evening can relax and avoid the dangers ofsleep deprivation.