In this paper I have suggested the impact that
creativity and innovation have on businesses and franchises, as well as the
correlation that both of them share to another. Also in relation to innovation
I have proposed the several types it can display and I have analysed each and
one of them, concerning their background, as well as I gave examples on which
fields of businesses they can be witnessed. This framework has the intention to
testify to readers the importance of the variations that innovation types and
strategies present, in relation to the businesses. Concerning the sceptic
above, franchises following innovative initiatives can exhibit divergences
according to which type of innovation strategies and types they have adopted.
For instance there would be a substantial difference if a company had embraced
incremental steps, owning to the fact that radical steps would lead to major
changes that would affect promptly the franchisees. Franchising businesses are
being operated under a brand name, which brings credibility to the franchisees
system. A radical change could have a negative impact on the franchisees, so
franchisors should pay attention on the innovation strategies they function and
integrate their goals. In these concluding remarks, I would like to emphasize
also the following.

Additionally, innovation is the continuity of
intention. Innovation is applying on an existing product, process and service,
while invention is a breakthrough. In this work I gave several examples on how
invention and innovation are perceived and I showed graphically to the readers
the way that innovation applies on invention. Moreover, it was prominent that
in order for the understanding of franchising as a new form of business, there
was needed a short glance on under which circumstances it was created.
Franchising was structured as a phenomenon and the different business formats
that it could take were explained thoroughly. The emergence of franchising
started as a mean of distributing goods and the reader has the chance to
acquaint himself/ herself with the several methods followed in the franchising

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Furthermore, it is apparent that the reader will have
a concrete idea on how innovation tactics adopted by franchisors, have led in
the transformation of the franchisee systems and the re-emergence of new types
of them. In respects to the new franchisee systems emerged, the most regular
one is the new kind of contracts in which franchisors and franchisees have the
capability to sign more than one contracts and the franchisee can run more than
one units at the same time.

Overall, it is
perhaps worth noting that innovation will continue to broad the marketplace the
years to come and contribute essentially in its reshaping. According to that
statement, franchising and businesses desiring to distant themselves, among
their competitors, will continue to adopt such strategies and it is a given
fact that innovation types and strategies will develop further and new types
will emerge. Franchising is a recent type of organisation, meaning that
individuals have not yet experienced most of its positive and negative aspects.