Inmy professional life, I have always looked for common grounds between disparatefields of science and aspired to make use of the interaction among them. I haveknown for a long time now that most disciplines are intertwined and what helpsbreed the most striking and practical research outcomes is to bridge thesevarious fields. That is why, as a chemical engineering graduate, I chose tocombine my theoretical knowledge about chemistry of materials with somethingthat matters to human lives the most; health.

Therefore, I began my academiccareer by doing a master’s study in the field of tissue engineering, where Idesign a biomaterial that interacts with living organisms and improves itsfunctions. In my current studies, I truly enjoy learning more and more aboutthe molecular basis of cell behavior. To develop cell-based smart therapysystems for treating illnesses with an engineer’s perspective is my mainobjective. bu paragrafta ilgimin neredenkaynakland???n? ve neden skizilel lab?nda çal??maya karar verdi?imi, ?u an neyapt???m? k?saca anlataca??m.Ido believe that there are too many ways to touch human lives. From sustainableenergy applications and robotics to biomedical research, one can contribute tosociety as a motivated researcher who uses their ability for the sake ofenvironment, technology and human health. Among these, research topics that havean impact on human health have always had a special place in my heart.

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Following my instincts, I started my master’s studies in Prof. Seda Kizilel’sgroup in Fall 2016 at Koç University. In our lab, research mainly focuses onsynthesis of functional biomaterials that can be used in diverse biomedicalapplications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering, and joining thegroup was one of the best decisions I have made in my life career-wise.Currently, I am working on a project in which I develop a hydrogel for thecoating of insulin secreting cells for the treatment of Type I diabetes viacell transplantation technology. Since the beginning of my master’s studies, Igained not only much new theoretical and practical knowledge and experience butalso satisfaction that devoting myself to biomedical research was the rightdecision.