Important Factors of Distribution Management: FactorsImpact RatingPersonal relations1Regular visits2Sufficient stock position3Quick delivery4Discount for bulk purchase5Recognition of order placed by chemist6Strategic schemes7Complete supply order8Acquiring expertise at job9Regular settlement of credit notes10Situational problem handling11Get together parties12Provision for late payment13Above Table depicts the various important factors of distribution arranged in descending order.

As per the score received from respondent (dealers) varying with very important, important, moderately important and not important by applying significant score method. From the above analysis it revealed that personal relation has been given a prime impor­tance in their routine work, and regular visits and sufficient stock position has a relative importance at their level. Pharmaceutical Companies, is having its own depot to handle distribution network and provide fast and prompt service to their dealers. Therefore Pharmaceutical Companies, always stress on the faster delivery and quick settlement of credit note from their end. It is also found during the survey that personal relation is having a prime importance at their level too. However Pharmaceutical Companies, do insists on personal relations and in favor of implementing the policies related to personal relations beyond business point view for better future prospective in distribution and become a role model in pharmaceutical market­ing.

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