Warm-up exercises prove to be advantageous for the health of the players to a lot of extent.

All the exercise sessions should begin with warm up exercises. Through these exercises, a player can prepare himself or herself for performing various kinds of activities. Thus, these kinds of exercises prepare a player not physically but mentally and psychologically. Cooling Down:There are many muscles in our body and when any individual or player starts to do various kinds of exercises, and as soon as player stops the exercises, blood flowing in the muscles stops suddenly. This can result giddiness and even collapse. Because of cooling down exercises, blood into circulation is being released into circulation process and because of this; it can reach to the different parts of the body easily.

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Post exercise soreness and stiffness can be prevented by cooling down exercises. Intense exercise is usually accompanied by a buildup of metabolic waste, such as lactic acid, and often may cause slight tears or ruptures in the connective tissue. Both conditions can lead to soreness. It is necessary to remove metabolic waste to enhance recovery from training.

A warm-down period following exercise has been shown to markedly speed removal of lactic acid.