It recognized and strengthened all the programme, mechanism for protection of children.

The United Nation and mechanism of other organs of UN system gave more importance and priority to human rights. As there is convention on Rights of Child by 1995 and it make implementation of all obligations of convention. The conference urged rectification of the convention on Rights of Child by 1995. The convention has effective measures, programme for welfare of children. The solidarity and international cooperation should be promoted to support the convention.

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The world summit for children and world conference on human right has provided a great help for tackling the problems faced by children and protecting their fundamental freedom and rights. Both of these, conference and summit recognized the need for strengthening measures, programme for protection of children. At last we can conclude that “the convention on rights of child recognized principle to provide minimal standard for children rights.” By working on child rights and tackling their problem helps in commitment for future. The committee see the implementing the obligation of the convention. It helps in mobilization and fullest use of resources to work for needs of children. The world conference on Human Rights emphasized the importance of human rights and gave more importance to children rights. All the mass media, national, international, non-governmental organization, central authorities, plans for action, national law etc.

they gave more priorities to human rights and right of children to modern civilization.