The Five Elements of IMC:

i. A primary goal is to affect behaviour through communication. ii. The need to work backwards from the customer’s or target’s perspective. iii. The use of all forms of communication and all sources of brand and company context as perspective message sources.

iv. The requirement to find synergy through coordination. v. The focus on building relationship between brands and customers.

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The Key Benefits of IMC:

i. Creative integrity (the theme and style of advertising are followed consistently through all types of media) ii. Consistency in messages (every message Communication the same theme) iii.

Unbiased marketing recommendation (from the agency that has appropriate strategy, and does not worry about earning commission) iv. Better use of all type of media (each medium is used to its best of advantage) Greater marketing precision (due to use of database marketing techniques; information from direct response advertising, direct marketing campaigns and telemarketing) v. Operational efficiency (less people to manage, single point of contact) vi. Cost saving (better media rate, rationalization of product literature, elimination of duplication in areas like photography, reduction in hidden internal administration costs, and competitive centralized buying across all marketing activities).