Therefore, education should be so organized as to cater to the needs of all the phases of growth and to utilize all the aspects of growth inducing experience to be found in the dynamic culture in which the individual lives.

The progressive education stands for an education of emotions and feelings which to them is’ not less important than the education of the intellect. Progressives regard emotions as aspects of the various biochemical and biophysical processes of the organism. Therefore, education of emotion is not different from mental and physical education, in fact, all the three is inter-dependent the importance of social education is also recognized by the progressive educators, because to them the individual cannot escape the influence of culture.

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Therefore, an attempt has to be made to enable the individual to derive the best from the culture and also to contribute his share towards its betterment. In their zeal for developing significant whole personalities, the progressives do not like to neglect any type of education. They stand for the acquisition of skills on the part of the child both for money- earning and non-money-earning pursuits of life. Training for recreation and leisure activities, and development of hobbies and abiding aesthetic interests are considered as very important. Hence activities pertaining to all these form a very important part of education. Progressivism in education stands for functional activity rather than for passive receptivity.

It does not aim to give to the student’s only objective information’s. It also aims at providing opportunities for every type of experience to them.