It guaranteed the efficient competent authorities have enforced such remedies granted.

All these reports are submitted by human right committee set up covenant to supervise their implementation. Many human right committees for general trend of UN activity in protection of human rights. Recommendation is one source of information for implementing human rights.

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After reporting, recommendation is also one important source of information. All the human rights agreements, conventions and Universal declaration of human rights permit suggestion and can lead to a recommendation by UN human rights commission and UN General Assembly. The human rights commission under charter and report economic and social council (ECOSOC). The process of making suggestion varies with each human right agreement. UN covenant on Economic and Social Council process, the state report and convention on racial discrimination is special bodies of uninstructed individual to process and make recommendation on state report. This lead to interest in protection of national sovereignty recommendation from UN human rights commission from ECOSOC and General Assembly on Human rights is inadequate as formal means of implementing human rights. It makes freedom of association and it is necessary for trade union activity.

This organization is created for protection of labour class from exploitation and ensures social, economic, political development by giving equal pay for equal work, proper wages, and proper incentives. The authority of international machinery is not improving and form 1977 and 1980 the government sector refused to allow the independent sector to function in an impartial and the effective way. Formal and public recommendation is not fully effective, considerable efforts have been made to implement human rights by conciliation. Some agencies are specially created by resolution or treaty for conciliation One of the most highly respected is UN high commission for refugees w hose office was created by UN resolution by now functions under specific treaty.

His independent office exists to persuade assistance to refuges. International Red Cross committee is means for protections of rights. It seeks to resolve problem between states and between state and individual. It also obtains “out of court” settlement of the human rights problems but settlement with the terms the convention. Under a numbers of human rights agreements individual can petition directly to an international organization for redress of hanged the violations of human rights. The main thing is that the petitioner must first exhaust the local remedies. This entire petitioner must first exhaust the local remedies. These entire petitions meet with specified regulation sub-commission on protection of minorities, UN record on Human rights agreed to accept individual petitions which meet regulation.

These petitions are allowed under Inter-American convention. The Inter-American commission accepted various individual petitions. Refugees may deal directly with UNHCR. In an international conflicts prisoner have rights to communicate directly and privately with ICRC.