The International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo underlined that “advancing gender equality and equity and empowerment of women and elimination of all kind of violence against women and ensuring women’s ability to control their own fertility are cornerstones of population and development related programme.” The World Conference on Human Rights has make equal opportunities for participation in economic and political decision making and makes equal access to basic social services including health and education. The literacy among women brings new way of thinking and gets information about their rights and develops their personalities. They can express their talents and give direction to their aptitude. This enables them to lead a life which is satisfying the literate women lead to better hygiene improved nutrition practices and greater effectiveness in caring for family health and seeking timely medical intervention. This brings better health status of women and improved the maternal competence lower infant morality. The better status of women make her more productive worker, both at home and outside, leading the way to her equality and empowerment.

The women become independent and take their decision to control fertility. Literate women can freely participate in home as well as the outside the home. They have knowledge about child-rearing and child bearing which help in child development. This enhances their status and decision making power within the family which is a major step toward their equality and empowerment. Education is one of the important tools for the empowerment of women. Education of women will place women on equal footing with men in decision making position in economic and political field. It will lead to great participation in government and community institution and better entrepreneurial opportunities.

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With change in time, there is more women participation in decision making position like in cabinet, chief executive officers, parliament, managers, top administrators, civil servants which lead to better integration of women concern into formulation of national policies and development which further result in developing the full potential of women. This education and empowerment of women will further bring development of nation, as women are educator of next generation. It further enables women to take part more effectively in modern life. This education and empowerment of women can bring charges not only in image of women have of themselves but also the role that they play within the society. It also brings the development of status of women. As the development of country is linked to women welfare and productivity as it to men. This make the horizon of vision wider and the impact of the literacy of women lives has often been dramatic.

The literacy brings larger women participation in social, political and economic life. This literacy for poor women has become a means for acquiring knowledge and skill whereby women can began to understand and analyze unequal gender relation and the structure of poverty and exploitation in society so that they can collectively challenge the existing social reality. It has clearly perceived as a mean for empowering women in the wider struggle against inequality and injustice in society. Literacy is fundamental component of attaining better standard of living for all. In context of women’s literacy play a key and important role in equality and empowerment. The equality of women in try to integrate them into mainstream of social life. The empowerment of women would mean their active participation in nation development process and to benefit directly from economic development.

Illiteracy proves to be a major for developmental work. This illiteracy will lead to superstition, economic stagnation and does not help in creating a truly democratic society. Literacy helps to cope with the superstition, social system that exploits them in the name of family ties, religion, social mores etc. Educating women was felt to be single most important instrument for bringing about social change.

It also important for proper functioning of democracy. The literate people an enjoys the fruits of freedom. The female literacy is appreciated for betterment of society and also for empowering women. Both women and literacy help in development. The society and government considers women literacy and health important only in so far as it is contributor)’ to the success of family welfare programme. Literacy is the tool for eradicating the “curse of illiteracy” and help in improving the status of women. Numerous empirical studies have brought over the positive correlation between women’s literacy and certain indicator of women status.

The Kerala is example of how women education lowered child morality and improving the sex-ratio in state. Female participation in primary education closely to lowered morality rates. The Government run literacy programmes were thus suspect and were seen as a mean of co-opting the poor and women into the existing hierarchical system.

Violence against women, dowry and rape related legislation, recognition of women’s work and equal wages because the area of struggle. Empowerment was defined as the process by which women gain greater control over resources and challenge the patriarchy and further participate in leadership and decision making process. The access to information and literacy became a part of women at redistributing power. Education of women further enhances the self-image of women and encouraged women to become active participant in the process of change. It builds a collective and alternative vision of their lived environment and question injustice and inequality.

Education helps the women to develop their skills to assert themselves and bring further empowerment. Empowerment is not merely a change of mind set but a visible demonstration of change, which the world around is forced to acknowledged, accommodate and respond. It means their active participate ion in the nation’s development process and to benefit directly from economic development. It is essential for women to make meaningful progress. The involves quality of access to resources such as education opportunities, credit conscientization is crucial point in the empowerment framework and remove all type of gender inequalities.