If the
office cannot inspire you, there must be something wrong with the design.
Maybe, you are sitting against a blank wall. In such cases moving the desk to
sit against a window will do havoc. This simple thing shows the importance of
office interior decoration. The commercial settings always have a continuous
flow of crowd including the customers, clients, and guests. Regardless of the
type and style of the business, if the interior is not impressive you can
hardly have loyal customers. In fact, interior design plays a very important
role. It can turn an otherwise dull and drab office into a warm and inspiring
workplace. As the decoration trends are always ever-changing like fashions, it
is important to keep your office updated to make it more productive. Here some
of the latest interior decoration trends that you may consider.

1. Creating work zones

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has been a massive shift from hierarchical sitting to the functional seating
arrangement. As a result, the cubicle concept was discarded and the open plan
office has emerged for creating a collaborative work environment. Again, there
is a change of design concept that strikes a balance between collaboration and
privacy. Corporate houses are now considering creating work zones so that the
people can have a choice to decide if they will work together, or be away from unwanted
distractions for improving the quality of their work.

2. Imparting the home office look

present generation has to stay such a long hours in the office that it becomes
their second home. That is why the millennial
generation is all out for atypical work areas in addition to their
preference for open office plan. This generated
the new trend of infusing a homelike ambiance at the workplace. To attract the
talented employees, corporate houses are now replacing the traditional sitting
arrangements with soft sofas and bean chairs for bringing in the feeling of the
living room. Additionally, building breakout areas and meditation zone with
yoga mats are also becoming very popular.

3. Building
dynamic spaces

A flexible
place has the power of changing the office environment in a jiffy. Commercial interiors are now so designed that
the traditional conference room can be easily transformed into a hall for the
office parties, or the other way round. Such dynamic spaces are creative and
generate more opportunities. Including light and moveable furniture and
partition helps for smooth transformation.

4. Integrating

The millennial
employees are tech savvy. They are comfortable with their laptop and Smartphone.
Workplaces embraced with technologies like Wi-Fi, wireless charging devices for
iPhones, furniture with inbuilt power adapter and multimedia facilities are on
the rise now.

5. Designing with

This has come to the forefront and gaining popularity
increasingly.  This is based on the instinctive
bond that people have with nature.  Studies
show that people feel relaxed when they are near nature and their productivity
also increases. Natural greens and living walls are introduced into the
commercial indoors for reducing stress and for defining the work zones as well.
As the faux plants are now manufactured as absolute replication of their live
cousins, a large number of commercial settings are decorating with the
artificial trees and plants to get rid of the maintenance hassles.

6. Let the Sun in

Windowless office interior is a dull and drab place and
the people working there suffer from monotony. There is a strong connection
between natural light and creativity. Corporate houses are now going for
wall-to-wall glass windows for bringing the natural light in. When the office
is infused with sunlight and the employees have a view of the outdoor landscape,
they feel more relaxed and this ultimately improves performance.

7. Reducing the noise

Noise is quite distracting, and it prevents you to stay
focused on the job. With the implementation of the open plan office designs, increased
noise has become a major issue. As such, the designers are introducing
decorative sound absorbing materials like ceiling baffles for reducing the
reverberation for a quiet interior. Once done, it increases the speech
intelligibility and the power of concentration.

8. Coloring the

Colors greatly influence our mood and brain function and
thus play a great part in interior designing. Low wavelength colors like blue
and green are ideal for improving efficiency and focus. Yellow brings in
optimism. Designers are now using the right balance of colors to make commercial
interiors more productive.

9. Introducing standing

Most of the office works are of sedentary types and the people
have to stay glued to their sits for long hours. As an alternative, introducing
standing desks is the current interior design trend as a part of the flexible
office arrangement. Some people find them more productive when they work
standing and such arrangement gives them the liberty to work as they please.

10. Wall paneling the

Walls form a great canvas in the commercial interiors. An
office interior with blank walls looks repulsive.  This is why wall paneling has become the
current interior design trend. While different materials are used paneling
walls, the gypsum
3d wall panels deliver a highly
functional and decorative solution. Available in varieties of colors and
textures they create an amazing ambiance in the commercial interiors.

CSIGYPSUM3D the house of
gypsum wall panels

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and coming in modular structures, they are easy to mount on the walls.
Manufactured from premium quality gypsum these wall panels are durable and add
style and elegance to the office walls creating a nice flow of texture on the
walls. No matter if it is a hotel room, corporate indoor, municipal office,
exhibition hall, retail outlet or any other professional space; these can
enliven the place and take the decoration to the next level and also help sound