If these remedies are put into place it would not harm anyone in trying the hard part would be to break the male chauvinism against women along with the long history of traditional ceremonial bad mishaps taught by previous generations. Women will need to rise and find their self worth and move with the modern times themselves and not in order to be on the defensive of men but to know their place in this time. Although a lot of work would need to be done in order to complete this task at hand if women start to find something that will push them to want to live for in the future they must come together and stand for a life worth living for. If men do not change in their way of thinking about the life of these women although they are not charged in this life time they will be charged in another, but by then we would have lost the person who has given their life to the perpetrators and life to children of these men.A 2008 article in the New York Post “An American Honor Killing” by Avlon depicts Chaudhry Rashid father of San-deela kanwal killing his own daughter by strangling her with a bungee cord in her bedroom because she wanted to end her arranged marriage, and although wrong in all types of ways this is typically seen in the eastern parts of the world; but this happened in our own back yard in Jonesboro Georgia. At his arraignment Rashid stated “I have done nothing wrong”.

In what world can a person killing his own daughter make a statement like this as if she was nothing more than a dispensable piece of trash? For Rashid it seemed that killing his own child with his bare hands did not spark any sentiment towards the moment he saw the light of his own child fade away as he sent her off to the afterlife.  In “An American Honor Killing” Avlon comments on the media frenzy that did not spark on this atrocity as this San –deela was not the typical blonde girl gone missing causing cable networks to stop in their tracks but a Muslim women who had been murdered by her own father. Where is the media attention there and the outrage from our political parties that protects all the people in the United States?As we can see although moving to the suburbs in Georgia did not generate a new sense of beginning for Rashid who continued to behave with the same mentality that came from Pakistan into the western world. All we can hope for now is that this case did not get swept under the rug or dismissed as just another domestic violence case.

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Hopefully Rashid can find peace with himself in prison if convicted for his heinous crime and see that we are living in the 21 century and women should be respected equally as men in this world or another.