If a woman loves any person, then she sees everything about her – whether it’s her hair, her clothes, her body and her presence, especially if she is looking for a chance to marry her. A person wants an ideal woman so that she can provide her with healthy children, thus proceeding towards a healthy life.The difference between a woman’s legs can indicate how she behaves during sexual intercourse.

Interestingly, it is not at all unusual, because everything depends on understanding the body and there is a connection between the establishment of a person’s hormonal set-up and constitution.D type:Feet are easily able to touch each other on feet, calves and ankles. This is one of the most common conditions for women’s feet. During this kind of sexual intercourse, such women react naturally. They do not expect to experiment too much and choose many common things. But if her husband wants to try something new, they will support him.C type:In this situation, the TB does not touch each other, but at the same time, they are close to the thighs.

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Such a woman is very affectionate and delicate but if she gives them for free then she can turn into wild beautiesB type:The hip and leg touch the other person on ankles in only one place. These women like to acquire new encounters, they prefer the factor of the overall game in intimate conversations. They are fearless and ambitious, such women will be ready to take business leadership in partnership. But sometimes such a growing courage can scare men. This is the reason why these women should understand how to control themselves.A type:There is only one difference between the thighs and there is only one difference between them, starts with ankles and closes slightly from the center of the calves. There is a very broad perception that the difference between your legs is small, maintain a courtesy on the bed for them Will be easy.

Generally, such women are incredibly soft they attract men with tenderness and femininity, they are also timid, because they do not like to try and men want to do the whole work themselves. This is dangerous for partnership because most men get bored with the same ease. Therefore, women with such feet should try to be more dynamic.